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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

New look!

Daily Emotions

I hath a new layout! 😀

Is this layout easier on the eyes?
I felt that the previous one was starting to become an eyesore already… and it makes my wordy poasts even more wordy, what with all its big fonts and spaces >:(

Hopefully this layout is better.
I know nothing beats my old Blogspot site (you must see who designed the layout there i.e ME ^^) but I am not going back to Blogger unless it disables its stupid Auto Pagination. Chances of which are almost zero.

That was the whole reason of me moving in the first place, no?
I miss my widgets though.
And I still loveeee hotpink + black.

Anw, feel free to give me feedback, both positive and negative.
Would like to hear from you, my lovely audienc! :}

I appreciate all your comments. If you encounter any problems, or are unhappy with something on my blog, be it content-wise or layout-wise, don’t hesitate to tell me.

Actually I have photos today but it’s kinda late now and I don’t feel like poasting.
Shall go do other things. Like play Bejeweled HAHAHA!
Am a busy person today! –

Ongoing conversations in MSN! ^^

I love all my readers, especially the returning ones ♥

Ohya I found the module and lecturer I like least liaoszx -_-;
Want know who? Come back tomorrow 😀 hehehehe

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