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March 19th, 2016 Posted 8:25 pm

“What happened to your leg?”
“She fell… which is nothing new for her.”

Tripped over a kerb and injured my foot… AGAIN. It’s like the third time in nine months? First was in Dubai (June) and second was during Super Summer Beach Party (August). It hasn’t even been a year since I broke my tooth (April). So four times in 11 months actually.

I should stop eating so much and being so clumsy haha. Feeling so out of shape because all I do is work, eat and sleep these days. See what I’ve been doing the past week.


Menya Musashi ramen

Dinner at Menya Musashi (Raffles City outlet) with Robert. I liked everything except the meat because it’s not fatty or melty enough. But they have lots of different types of pork so maybe I just didn’t order the right one. So hard to find the perfect ramen, where every single part from bamboo shoot to broth is perfect.

Menya Musashi

Menya lets you order up to 5x noodles for free wtf. I was so full after just one serving, how can anyone finish five bundles of noodles?!

tuxedo cafe carlton hotel

Walked over to Carlton Hotel’s Tuxedo Cafe because I wanted dessert and that seemed like the nearest cafe that was still open. Actually it was Pi Day so everyone was posting photos of pie online. But all I really wanted was a lemon meringue tart hahaha.

tuxedo cafe carlton

Came with caramelised bananas and chocolate sauce too. Damn nice but super sweet and sinful ok omg.

tuxedo cafe waffles

This wasn’t outstanding and I think I’m gonna get diabetes from everything. But we were on a couch so I got to nua so not complaining about the ambience!


Seriously it was only Monday and I was tired?! But to be fair, I work weekends so the days of the week don’t make that much of a difference for me.


Thanks for this Pikachu from Tokyo! 😀

pudding emoji

Was about to go home when I texted Kumar the pudding emoji with a question mark and he was like, “Huh? You serious?” Because earlier before leaving the office, I told him it’s Pi Day and we have to eat pie.

Anyway, he had just finished his shift and really came from Braddell to Orchard to meet me HAHAHA. I was damn surprised because his usual style is dishing some insult at my randomness and weirdness instead.

Went to The Connoisseur Concerto at Shaw and he called me racist when I said it’s my first time trying TCC because everyone goes to Starbucks and Coffee Bean instead. OKAYYY.

The Connoisseur Concerto menu

See, eating again. Surprised that I like their coffee though because everywhere always makes their frappes too sweet. This espresso frappe was so good.

tcc wings

Fiery pepper wings that I really liked.

tcc shrooms

This disappointed both of us because we expected more mushrooms and less crust/pastry… Nevertheless, it was a good Pi Day because of the nice food and great people, even though I didn’t actually eat any pies! Ha.


cotton candy ice cream

Cotton candy ice cream from opposite office! There are bits of gummy bear candy inside. I only bought it for the colour. The classic paddlepop ice cream tastes much better though.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum exhibit

Went to take photos at NUS’ Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum with Jacki and Ryan (who’s probably judging me for this picture lol) for work in the late afternoon.

It was quite last minute because I only knew about the event that day itself, but luckily I was dressed quite decently. Some days I wear shorts to work when I cbf and I wore slippers on Friday for the company doctors to examine my foot.

The Jubilee Whale Exhibit was actually quite underwhelming, I was more fascinated by everything else. Lots of preserved animals and fossils.

ricoh theta s

Got to use the Ricoh Theta S which is a 360-degree camera that can take a photo of the entire room. You can even navigate on the photo/video itself to view the entire 360° view if the website/platform supports it. Ever seen 360° videos on Facebook before?

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Tried to take a selfie with it but I’m so unskilled that you can see my arm. That’s a dinosaur exhibit behind me. My website doesn’t support the original 360° photo but on a platform that does, you’ll be able to hold and move your mouse around to see the entire room.

Went for a buffet dinner afterwards but it was so horrible that I’m going to dedicate a separate post to it. Yes, it was THAT bad.


nandos peri peri chicken

Went to Nando’s for lunch with colleagues. Their peri-peri sauce is nice but quite salty. Everyone said I was crazy because I asked for double extra hot and then still kept drizzling extra hot sauce on my food. So shiok though.

Azhar, in a rare moment, couldn’t finish his food so I polished off them off and then he said “You eat a lot leh” LOL. Woah woah, look’s who talking…!


Simple dinner with my parents at night. What a strange day… We drove to a hawker centre in Ang Mo Kio but the whole place wasn’t open. So we drove to Chong Pang Hawker Centre and it was closed as well. So we gave up and went somewhere near home.

I ate so much rice on this day…


SCDF came to SPH to give a talk… and also to present us with an award 😳 You can read all about what happened here.



Lunch buffet afterwards. Had a bit of free time in the afternoon for once so I went downstairs to meet Meredith and we went to get coffee. The walk back was when I tripped 🙄 Geez it was a straight and flat pavement but my right leg somehow slipped off the kerb.

Stayed in office till almost 9pm to put up press releases and Kumar asked if I’m OCD lol. By the time I got home, my leg hurt so much that it was throbbing and I couldn’t even walk.

standing sushi bar

Was browsing Standing Sushi Bar’s website because I was craving sashimi and my brother brought all these home hours later. I didn’t even mention anything!! So amazed at the coincidence omg. There were sandwiches and croissants from Starbucks too. He got them and the sushi all free because his friends work there. Now I want a frappe…


jollibee chicken novena

Tried Jollibee for the first time during lunch! Yum yum. They also had spaghetti which I was very tempted to try but didn’t. Anyone knows if it’s nice?

Was supposed to meet Meredith but dinner but I went home early because I was actually on MC for my leg. Thankfully, it was a lot better when I woke up but I was still limping.

So yes, a very foodfull week as you can see. Do check out my last two posts which I didn’t share on Facebook too:

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All good things — and feeling like shit

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February 13th, 2016 Posted 7:13 pm

Obviously not feeling like a ray of sunshine yet I feel like I have to act happy for everyone else’s sake. But faking happiness is so tiring and doesn’t help at all so I don’t want to do that either. I should be thrilled though, because lots of good things happened in January. But I’m not, so why pretend to be. Still, they are worth a mention…

I guess if there’s one good thing that came out of everything that happened last year, it’s that I buried myself in work as a distraction and at least that paid off.

SPH masquerade party

1. Ushered in 2016 with a masquerade-themed Start Of The Year Party for Digital Division. Was in the organising committee and the best part was getting dibs on the buffet dinner before all the guests arrived HAHA.

We also had an awards ceremony. Stomp won one out of two awards that we got nominated for so I was really happy because everyone has been working so hard.

Heard that my editor nominated me for the ‘Behind-The-Scenes Wonder’ Award which was a huge surprise. I didn’t get shortlisted which is fine as the admin and IT people are the true heroes who deserve way more recognition. Editorial isn’t really behind the scenes.

But just the gesture and thought alone is enough because now I know that all the effort I have invested hasn’t gone unnoticed :’)

Gorgeous shot straight out of @estelliarmus’s 📷… Our hilltop villa is amazingly huge and 😱😍

A photo posted by Cherlynn (@twiinklex) on

2. Went on a short weekend getaway to Montigo Resorts in Batam with Estelle, Jeremy and CK. So happy that I booked a hillside villa but somehow we were given a hilltop villa (better view) when we were there 😀

The villa was crazy huge even for four of us (private infinity pool, living room, kitchenette and bathroom downstairs, then two bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs) so it was kinda jaw-dropping. And the service is impeccable.

singapore to batam holiday

Really nice for all of us to be away from the bustle of work even if it was just two days and one night. The seafood there was so cheap and awesome that we went back the very next day and ordered one crab each.

A bit angry with myself though because I had an accident (for lack of a better word) at night so I woke up on the villa’s living room floor despite the huge beds and plush couches everywhere, and even missed the free breakfast.

Definitely coming back, but hopefully less stupid next time.

SPH presslines

3. Got featured on SPH Presslines, which is like the company’s monthly magazine-newsletter thing. I actually did the email interview at the very start of the year but I didn’t want to say anything until it was actually published.

I don’t know why they chose a nobody like me but it was quite an honour, considering that there was several Somebodies like Glenn Ong and Flying Dutchman who got featured as well. My chief editor also joked that I got more space than our Division Head lol.

SPH New Year resolutions

Hard not to return to school now that everyone knows about it???

4. Got a promotion and because we are focusing on a performance-driven culture, the bonus I received was really generous too. When I told Kenneth, he said that back-to-back promotions are “extremely rare”.

Actually I didn’t think I would get a promotion since I had already gotten one last year. So I was feeling a bit sad when the announcement period was nearing because I felt like it was probably my turn to take a back seat and give other people a chance, even though I feel that I have been working my ass off every day and contributing so much.

Truly grateful to my editor for everything (it is pretty much all because of him and his glowing appraisals). CK calls me the “golden child” lol.


Life’s been pretty crazy the past two weeks though. As you can tell from my Presslines feature, I have a few roles at work = loads to do. Currently working on multiple products/campaigns etc so stress is at a maximum.

Things were so overwhelming at one point that I spent the night in the office three Wednesdays ago. Had lots to work on so I went back to office even though it was my day off. Rushed off to dinner with my family (nearly skipped it) then returned to office again.

sph office

This was us at 3am HAHA. I was only done at 5am, then I went to take a nap before continuing my usual morning shift the following day.

Note that this is completely voluntary and nobody asked me to stay behind. I just wanted to finish my work and it was a hassle (waste of money plus time) to cab home and then come back in like two hours.

sph office at night

Wanted to take a shower on the other side of the building before sleeping but the walkway was so scary at that hour wtf. I did walk though, only to find the showers locked (double wtf) so I had to walk all the freaking way back again.

Every time I show people this, they ask how I can still take a picture because it looks scary as fuck. It is la, see how I couldn’t even take a straight photo because I was so nervous! But I said I’m the kind who will take a selfie even on my deathbed. I need to record every moment so that I never forget.

sleeping in office

Wrapped in my hoodie to block out the cold and wearing that sunglasses that Carousell sent us to block out the light. I only realised that there was a couch in a room at the back at 8am so my neck was aching the next few days from trying to sleep at my desk.

To make things worse, I kept hearing mouse-clicking sounds while trying to sleep so it was quite freaky. Not sure if it’s because I’m so used to hearing them all day.

I can’t believe it’s already the second month of 2016 and Chinese New Year. One more day before I’m off on holiday to visit friends in Australia. Best part about it is I don’t have to plan anything or book any accommodation, ha.

And after CNY comes Valentine’s Day so if you are looking for the perfect gift, now is the perfect chance to check out these lovely watches by City Chain Singapore on Zalora! You can even get movie passes and dining vouchers with your purchase 🙂

city chain zalora

city chain zalora