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All good things — and feeling like shit

Obviously not feeling like a ray of sunshine yet I feel like I have to act happy for everyone else’s sake. But faking happiness is so tiring and doesn’t help at all so I don’t want to do that either. I should be thrilled though, because lots of good things happened in January. But I’m not, so why pretend to be. Still, they are worth a mention…

I guess if there’s one good thing that came out of everything that happened last year, it’s that I buried myself in work as a distraction and at least that paid off.

SPH masquerade party

1. Ushered in 2016 with a masquerade-themed Start Of The Year Party for Digital Division. Was in the organising committee and the best part was getting dibs on the buffet dinner before all the guests arrived HAHA.

We also had an awards ceremony. Stomp won one out of two awards that we got nominated for so I was really happy because everyone has been working so hard.

Heard that my editor nominated me for the ‘Behind-The-Scenes Wonder’ Award which was a huge surprise. I didn’t get shortlisted which is fine as the admin and IT people are the true heroes who deserve way more recognition. Editorial isn’t really behind the scenes.

But just the gesture and thought alone is enough because now I know that all the effort I have invested hasn’t gone unnoticed :’)

Gorgeous shot straight out of @estelliarmus’s ?… Our hilltop villa is amazingly huge and ??

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2. Went on a short weekend getaway to Montigo Resorts in Batam with Estelle, Jeremy and CK. So happy that I booked a hillside villa but somehow we were given a hilltop villa (better view) when we were there 😀

The villa was crazy huge even for four of us (private infinity pool, living room, kitchenette and bathroom downstairs, then two bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs) so it was kinda jaw-dropping. And the service is impeccable.

singapore to batam holiday

Really nice for all of us to be away from the bustle of work even if it was just two days and one night. The seafood there was so cheap and awesome that we went back the very next day and ordered one crab each.

A bit angry with myself though because I had an accident (for lack of a better word) at night so I woke up on the villa’s living room floor despite the huge beds and plush couches everywhere, and even missed the free breakfast.

Definitely coming back, but hopefully less stupid next time.

SPH presslines

3. Got featured on SPH Presslines, which is like the company’s monthly magazine-newsletter thing. I actually did the email interview at the very start of the year but I didn’t want to say anything until it was actually published.

I don’t know why they chose a nobody like me but it was quite an honour, considering that there was several Somebodies like Glenn Ong and Flying Dutchman who got featured as well. My chief editor also joked that I got more space than our Division Head lol.

SPH New Year resolutions

Hard not to return to school now that everyone knows about it???

4. Got a promotion and because we are focusing on a performance-driven culture, the bonus I received was really generous too. When I told Kenneth, he said that back-to-back promotions are “extremely rare”.

Actually I didn’t think I would get a promotion since I had already gotten one last year. So I was feeling a bit sad when the announcement period was nearing because I felt like it was probably my turn to take a back seat and give other people a chance, even though I feel that I have been working my ass off every day and contributing so much.

Truly grateful to my editor for everything (it is pretty much all because of him and his glowing appraisals). CK calls me the “golden child” lol.


Life’s been pretty crazy the past two weeks though. As you can tell from my Presslines feature, I have a few roles at work = loads to do. Currently working on multiple products/campaigns etc so stress is at a maximum.

Things were so overwhelming at one point that I spent the night in the office three Wednesdays ago. Had lots to work on so I went back to office even though it was my day off. Rushed off to dinner with my family (nearly skipped it) then returned to office again.

sph office

This was us at 3am HAHA. I was only done at 5am, then I went to take a nap before continuing my usual morning shift the following day.

Note that this is completely voluntary and nobody asked me to stay behind. I just wanted to finish my work and it was a hassle (waste of money plus time) to cab home and then come back in like two hours.

sph office at night

Wanted to take a shower on the other side of the building before sleeping but the walkway was so scary at that hour wtf. I did walk though, only to find the showers locked (double wtf) so I had to walk all the freaking way back again.

Every time I show people this, they ask how I can still take a picture because it looks scary as fuck. It is la, see how I couldn’t even take a straight photo because I was so nervous! But I said I’m the kind who will take a selfie even on my deathbed. I need to record every moment so that I never forget.

sleeping in office

Wrapped in my hoodie to block out the cold and wearing that sunglasses that Carousell sent us to block out the light. I only realised that there was a couch in a room at the back at 8am so my neck was aching the next few days from trying to sleep at my desk.

To make things worse, I kept hearing mouse-clicking sounds while trying to sleep so it was quite freaky. Not sure if it’s because I’m so used to hearing them all day.

I can’t believe it’s already the second month of 2016 and Chinese New Year. One more day before I’m off on holiday to visit friends in Australia. Best part about it is I don’t have to plan anything or book any accommodation, ha.

And after CNY comes Valentine’s Day so if you are looking for the perfect gift, now is the perfect chance to check out these lovely watches by City Chain Singapore on Zalora! You can even get movie passes and dining vouchers with your purchase 🙂

city chain zalora

city chain zalora


Back from Korea!! Went to Jeju Island, Seoul, Nami Island + Petite France and the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). It was autumn there so the scenery and weather was perfect. Thankful for my shiny new iPhone that helped me take so many pretty pictures 😛

I didn’t shop as much as I usually do because they were mostly selling winter wear and cosmetics, both of which I have no use for. But no worries because shopping is not a seasonal thing and I can do it even from home, thanks to Zalora. Like its Cotton On Body range… I don’t even have to get my ass to the physical store, ha!

zalora cotton on body

Food was great but honestly after travelling to so many places, I still love our local fare best. Which is why the moment I landed at Changi Airport, I went to Kopitiam to eat this:

bak chor mee teh peng

Can you believe this is the queue for the drinks stall at 4pm??? It goes all the way behind… Had to queue equally long for both my mini wok noodles and teh peng. But cravings satisfied so I’m not complaining.

Anyway, that was on Friday. Not sure where my Saturday went (sleeping?)… Had brunch with mi familia at Red Star Dim Sum Restaurant on Sunday and stuffed myself silly.

Red Star Dim Sum Restaurant

Very interesting because the waitresses go around pushing carts of food instead of you ordering from a menu and waiting for the food to be served. So you just take whatever you want and the staff will jot it down on your bill each time.

Red Star Dim Sum Restaurant

We ordered even more after these ~.~ Including a plate of roast duck (not pictured). Everything was so yummy though!! I wish I had more stomach space. Total bill came up to $157 for 4 of us which I think is reasonable.

Red Star Restaurant paper wrapped chicken

This paper wrapped chicken (纸包鸡) is heaven.

mango pudding coconut milk

Mango pudding drenched in coconut milk. Think I have eaten back all the calories I burned while hiking in Jeju. What I would give to be back there and climbing mountains…

Btw, moved all my depressing posts to a separate blog where I can write whatever I want instead. Honestly? Not feeling so great. But I (have to) get through each day anyway…