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I am deeply ashamed

Because I have been spending more time on Tumblr than WordPress :'( omg guilty much. I feel like a traitor!! Worst of all, I even contemplated switching completely over to Tumblr! Cherlynn is bad, bad person.

Okay it was just a thought. I doubt I’ll ever move out of WordPress because I freaking love the dashboard/editor here. Tumblr’s one is like shit (-_-) plus it is more of a mircroblogging platform.

It’s just that yesterday I finally took some time to go edit/customise the Tumblr themes on both personal & Dear Love instead of using the default one. AND I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW THEMES ON BOTH SITES ♡♡ -refuses to tear eyes off-

Can you believe I slept only at 6am yesterday, knowing perfectly well I have to wake up at 7.20am latest? Totally a slave of technology and addicted to social media. Not that I wasn’t before, but I think I just got worse :O

Seriously. I will elaborate more in a separate poast!

And I really wish I can stay home all day to use the Internet instead of going to school and wasting time -_- Hate hate hate hate school, like keep getting worse only :@ Urgh freaking waste of time lah!!!



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One Response to “I am deeply ashamed”

  1. ferrywinkle24
    3:13 am on November 16th, 2010

    awee dun be ashamed’s a good thing that you are spending time on one thing that you like 🙂 and i am wowed by yer sleeping habits now lol!

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