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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

#bloggingfail but #iCOOL

I just realised that I have twenty over drafts omg what have I been doing? -_- I am sorry, WordPress. I still love you and you are still my favourite. It’s just that… So many distractions! Like…

Theme HospitalSecond game that I fell in love with on Playstation 1 (after Harvest Moon). Imagine being able to relieve your childhood love and play it on my Windows 7 laptop!!!

Social media bookmarksSocial media bookmarksSocial media bookmarksMY BOOKMARKS ^^

I never fail to login the first row every single day. And my email. First thing I do when I wake up is and last thing I do before I go to sleep is to check the first 3 sites. Forever and always. Yes totally, absolutely first and last, I swear.

I have been logging into Tumblr and reblogging daily from my personal too :/ too lazy to update Dear Love’s though oops. Updating its Twitter and FB page is hard work enough ._.”

But daily access does not mean daily update. Like my WordPress. And Formspring -_- I stalk people’s Q&A but I too lazy to answer my own LOL.

By the time I finish reading every single update on these websites, I have no time and energy for my WordPress already hahahahaha siao.


Nanyang Polytechnic

I am gonna rape the next idiot who says I live near school. Just because my house is one MRT stop away from school, it does not mean they are near. Plus it is a very long ride of 5 mins; longer than other stops ok! I just realised my cab fare costs more than someone who lives in SengKang.

Fuck the packed MRT that comes in interval of 6 fucking minutes. Fuck the walking distance to and fro both Khatib and YCK MRT to my house/school. Fuck Singapore’s weather.

Near is when I can walk home from school and reach home in not more than 10 minutes. Or when I hardly need to walk at all. I am blardie lazy. Buses over trains. My dad over everything. Walking below everything.

I miss the 30-minute bus journey on 811 during AISS days! I will choose that over the stupid 5-minute MRT journey and walking. 30 minutes I still can sit down and read a book. And 90% of the time I get a seat. Wtf can I do on a 5-minute ride where I hardly get a seat?

I don’t care if you live in Jurong and think I should go fuck myself.

Sometimes extraordinary things happen like yourself trending on Twitter Topics or discovering your own name on Google’s suggested search. I end up obsessing for hours, and trying to get a perfect screenshot that I end up doing nothing else 8)

Those awesomeness, I will share and elaborate on a separate post!

Nobody else my age that I know in real life has such things happen to them so I feel automatically cooooooool 8D

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