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4chan & Tumblr battle!

Tumblr VS 4chan

I only heard about this nonsense yesterday on the 14th, when my Tumblr dashboard was filled with talk about 4chan. Seems like it’s been going on for awhile though. Anw, did a little research to understand what was going on.

4chan/Tumblr war

Here are some “posters” from each party.
After the posters are my personal thoughts.



“4chan has declared a war on tumblr and they have stated they will get Tumblr down. Many of you might be thinking that it is not easy to bring Tumblr down but I want you all to know one thing that you just don’t under estimate 4chan.

Anon is the name of the only user of 4chan who can bring Tumblr down. He is anonymous and is a hacking master. He has tracked down a girl from a YouTube video in which she was throwing dogs into the river. From there, he got her information and harrassed her untill she herself showed up for the animal abuse.

No one is sure what 4chan is going to do exactly but surely it will involve hacking methods to overload Tumblr servers in order to crash them They can also drop a virus on the links which can effect the computer. Once you click the link, your computer is damaged. This kind of damage has been experienced by many at the moment.”

The last part about the virus is so lame please.
Lol good @ the parts in bold! (Y) You guys should throw her into the river too!

So anw, yesterday my whole dashboard was filled with stupid posts about how “Tumblr’s fate tomorrow is unknown” and that “This might be the last post they are gonna make” that sort of thing -.-

A lot of people (especially the famous ones with loads of followers) went to lock their Tumblrs, change their URLs while reserving their original ones, disabled Anonymous Ask, etc. WHY SO PARANOID. We were even advised to stay inactive and don’t log in. Hah.

I am laughing at everyone’s stupidity and paranoia. Gosh, stupid people never fail to amaze me. LOL so easy to throw people into a panic with just a few threats and posters. Hahahaha idiotssss.

I only read up on this whole incident at midnight so technically it was already “tomorrow”. I was on Tumblr till 4am+ despite the “advice/warning” and nothing even happened. It is 10pm now as I type this post and Tumblr is still fine!

And people from both sides are still fighting blah3. I do not care, seriously. Even if I really get hacked, it’s fine. As long as it’s not Twitter, I’m okay.

I just wanted to talk about the idiocy and stupidity of people. Both 4chan and Tumblr. Especially Tumblr. It used to be a lovely place until all the trolls came. Cyberbullying, stuff like that. And one thing I really don’t understand is what makes Tumblrers think they are All That and better than other people from sites like mySpace or Facebook?

No you aren’t. While I understand that there are loads of incredibly talented people on Tumblr like artists and photographers, there are also trolls, stupid people and the like. People who don’t credit, people who steal credit, cyberbullies, and yeah, stupid people.

People who insist on shoving their religion and opinions down the throat of others. Apparently if you don’t share their view, you are considered “wrong”. Oh haha.

Sometimes, I really cannot stand Tumblrers because they think they are so good. When they are just incredibly stupid. Yes I am on Tumblr too but I just do my own stuff and reblog, nothing troll-like.

I don’t argue with people about religion, sexuality or abortion or whatever great life philosophy. I don’t give a flying fuck what your stand is or what mine is.

Stupid people just piss me off manszx. They believe stuff like Tumblr is really gonna shut down -.- Do you even have any idea how big the Tumblr community is? Do you think that such a huge site will be vulnerable and weak towards such attacks?

Some people just don’t use their brains. Like all ther fuckers that don’t credit the beautiful photographs they put up on their Tumblr. I really pity the photographers who painstakingly took such nice pictures only to have stolen or uncredited.

The biggest idiots in my opinion are those who believe in crap like “Reblog this to gain followers” or “Reblog if you want messages in your Ask box.” Omg are you serious? They can’t even tell that it’s a trap for the original poster to gain followers while the rest of you go on blindly believing that you will get followers/messages.

And what is even the point of receiving messages and follows from people who are not your true fans, people who don’t follow you for your content???

Seriously, I don’t get all these idiots on Tumblr.
And I really hope that if 4chan successfully attacks Tumblr, they will hack all these retards first.

Oh and people who follow back every single follower? Stupid. Whether on Twitter or Tumblr. It’s the same logic as what I mentioned above.

Seriously I am ashamed to be known as the same species as all these idiots.

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