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More virtual rojak to dish out


Was looking through my Photobucket to decide on what to poast next, and I feel like fainting when I see how much I have to publish, huhuhu.

Anw, another rojak poast, made up of bits and pieces.
And yes, there are quite a number of actual food pictures to tempt you, muahaha!

rainbowloveee™Cousin Eve brought Janine out on one Sunday weeks back!

rainbowloveee™Super keep wanting to walk, very cuteee 😀

rainbowloveee™Mum and me both went onto the slide with her while Evelyn takes pictures and videos ^-^


rainbowloveee™If my mom looks funny, it’s because she’s wearing a black pouch on her waist ._.

rainbowloveee™She looks so happy! 😀

I know I look kanasai… all hot and sweaty :X
But nevermind, let you all glimpse into a slice of reality.
Whatever that means.

rainbowloveee™Playing with my hair OUCH



Actually wanted to let Janine try this but she was kinda scared so… yeah.

rainbowloveee™Cousin Jamie, Mum, Dad.
Gosh I love this pictureeee 😀

Mom and Bro made sushi few days back!
I helped too! I helped to be a gourmet and eat! ^-^

rainbowloveee™Put the rice nicely on the seaweed into the bamboo thingy


rainbowloveee™Can add any ingredients you want.
Got my favourite oriental sausages you see! 😀

rainbowloveee™Classic mashed egg and mashed crabstick like the sushi you buy from outside

rainbowloveee™Tricky part of rolling so that everything sticks together!

The skin outside can be seaweed or sweet beancurd (above is sweet beancurd)

Leftover oriental sausages as garnish, muahahah

Can see the different skins and types of sushi 😀


And voila! Yummeh! <3

Mocha chip frappe from Macdonalds! 😀

My favourite part is the whipped cream, teehee.
Ooooh god, look at the niceee cream yum yum yummm (L)

All these pics taken whilst walking so not very nice and clear.

I love frappes. But all lose to Starbucks’ one. Love their Java Chip frappe. Well, I guess you don’t pay double the price for nothing.

From many months ago -_-

Mom cooked these huge drumsticks for dinner, and it was too splendid for words. Oooh now I wanna eat it again.

One big drumstick each for everyone. Really damn big lor!!! *licks lips*

Another hot favourite – minced meat with egg!

Ahhhh so much food <3
How to lose weight.
Yum yum yum don’t care, I’m gonna eat eat eat! 😀

Okay enough blogging for the day! (:
Managed to publish 2 poasts, not bad.
Still got loads more to blog!!! :O

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