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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Fabulous is my middle name

Trying to rush blog schedule… I hate how I spent so much time getting the photos nice and ready, but yet I don’t have the time to update 🙁

Shadow heart

Anyway, this is a Pictured Poast summing up the whole of last week!

This entry was actually 2k+ words long, a excruciating detailed poast about my nights of torment. But I know people dislike wordy poasts so I deleted everything (boohoo).

It’s been revised many times and I put in a lot of effort to summarize -_- Monday and Friday parts have photos!

If anyone wants any pictures, please let me know and I’ll send you the originals. Don’t save from here because these are edited ones.

Been practising Photoscape, so you can the “evolution” (in no particular order) of all my photos and see the process of my learning too -_-

Yes still ended up looking like a mutated fish whenever I attempt Photoshop’s liquify so I have given up.

resigned Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday (7JUNE)

Twin birthdays!

rainbowloveee™Stars of the day!
{Oo-er look who’s peeking in}

rainbowloveee™Class clown being himself as usual, if you get what I mean.
Trying to use the “Happy Birthday” sign and… you know.

rainbowloveee™Heart shaped balloons (see previous pic for shape) for Nicole, specially from Nyna and Kendy 😀

rainbowloveee™Some of us classmates chipped in to buy a cake EACH for these two birthday babies! ^-^

rainbowloveee™Ooooh look at that, oreo goodness (L)

rainbowloveee™*jealous of all the attention*
Must steal a bit of limelight also

rainbowloveee™Because in my book, no series of photographs is ever complete without my face ^-^

rainbowloveee™*bhb* and hog her balloons also

rainbowloveee™Hope you guys had a pleasant surprise!!! 😀

Got back ICA1 grades for Creativity and Thinking Skills (CATS) module. My sub-team got a B+ which is the second best grade after an A (only 4 people got an A) so woohoo, I’m happy enough (:

GSM after that.
Cyber Awareness cancelled till after holidays so only one hour of Leisure (really leisure, because I go there do my own thing on my laptop).

We’ve been watching Shattered Glass in CATS tutorial but no time to finish it in class. So we took turns bringing home the dvd to watch. I brought it home on Monday and started watching at around 1am 😀

Shattered GlassFor a movie based on a true story, Shattered Glass is just…



Shattered GlassDon’t call yourself a media student or a movie buff if you haven’t watched this, pleaseeeee! *rave*

Acting was good, especially Hayden Christensen’s breaking down part. They portrayed the characters so damned well.

Full of suspense and twists and turns, the whole movie was sooo intense, I couldn’t get enough of it.

Yet everything wrapped up nicely without being long-winded, and the ending totally disappoint at all, unlike 99% of movies.

It’s one of those movies that gives you the “I-can-die-happy” kind of feeling (◕‿◕)ღ

Shattered GlassHow can any movie be soooo good?

I ended up rooting for and loving the character of Chuck Lane (portrayed by Peter Sarsgaard) totally! If you have seen my crazy tweets, you will know 😀

Chuck Lane Chuck Lane Chuck Lane I Love You!

Everyone thought he was the bad guy. Even I disliked him at first. But oh well, see how things turned out? 😉

Went to Wikipedia to find out more about the whole scandal, and about the people involved too. Interesting findings, I gotta say. Okay shall stop here or I will never end 😀 but seriously!!! <3 *rave*


Shadowed sunset

Chong’s tutorial cancelled hurrah!
Slept in till almost 2pm sincee school starts at 3pm, hahaha blissss 😀

At first happy because I thought I can go home at 6pm after lectures. But had to stay back to do DFVP’s ICA2 AV script with Jasmine and Jiamin.

Finally completed the damned thing at 9pm T_T boohoohoo and this marks the official start of my hellish week.

3 hours to do a script of 2 and a half minutes.
You go figure.

Wednesday (9JUNE)

Shadowed butterfly

Dad drove me to school today so for once I am actually (10 minutes) early for class. Yes my tardy disease applies even to school.

First time early only… teacher walked out of class -_-

Did Marketing ICA on Nseries phones till midnight.
I have to say that whilst doing this ICA, my love and loyalty towards Nokia was also refuelled LOL 😀

I really amaze myself sometimes.
I did research, typed up a proper 2 page writeup, and still had powerpoint slides (Y). The slides are optional.

Superwoman is me.
Somemore not sloppy work okay!

Intrigued classmates ask how come I always last minute do work still can do properly and hand up on time. Eh… what time I sleep?! My body clock is different from normal people in the first place, remember? 🙂

Burning midnight oil, I can deal with it.
But not sleeping at all? That’s another story altogether T_T

Thursday & Friday (10/11 JUNE)

Shadowed heart

Did not sleep at all this day! D:

Started on the group report about Singapore’s Radio Industry for Chong’s module first, since more people’s lives were at stake -_-

I worked on it till 3am 🙁
I hope my group members appreciate my efforts… I did the most work, even if I do say so myself. But thanks everyone for the cooperation and for doing what I allocated 🙂

Next day when we submitted our report, my group was the only one that remembered the peer evaluation forms LOL. Everyone took my thumbdrive to print it or my extra copy to photocopy.

Must thank me okay!!! 😀

Anw, continued on by working on my informative speech for BPS ICA2. At 5am I still wasn’t 100% done so I gave up and called it a day. Head was throbbing and felt like it could explode anytime soon 🙁

But I couldn’t get to sleep at all despite my fatigue. My mind was too clogged up thinking about what’s gonna happen later. Panicking and worrying and fretting.

rainbowloveee™View from tutorial room

rainbowloveee™The windows are tinted blue lah


Uh have to wear formal wear or smart casual so…

rainbowloveee™VERY WEIRD LOR, I keep thinking that everyone’s staring at me as I walk to class, because it’s kinda short for school. Or maybe I’m just over-sensitive as usual.

rainbowloveee™Fake eyes to cover up my tired-looking eyes. Not looking my best obviously, after a night of #$%^&

I should have brought clothes to change like JuJu!

rainbowloveee™SPY FROM SP!!!


Anyway, everything turned out nicely.
Submitted all my work and did my presentation without anything claustrophobic happening.

Omg I can’t believe I went through with everything. I’d thought of giving up, running away from my problems, skipping school and such. I had already readied so many excuses in my mind, ready to play on ChrisP’s sympathy and all HAHAHA

But then, somehow when I reached school, I decided to just face everything bravely. Evading the problem doesn’t make it go away right? Might as well get everything over and done with, and enjoy my holiday! 😀

rainbowloveee™I wore contact lenses then took them out and changed to specs after I finished my presentation *vain* ^^

rainbowloveee™Happy girls after finishing presentations!
Gerry skipped school :O

The order of who presents first and next etc is chosen randomly.
Call it coincidence or what, but we girls were one after another straight in a row!
Juju, Me, Darilene then Dian :DDDD

And hey omg I just realised it’s the same order as how we are standing in the photos.
LOL WOW (Y) 😀 serious!

rainbowloveee™YEAH WE DID IT!! <3

And the feeling of getting everything done properly is awesome. The sense of accomplishment is amazing. It feels splendid to have all the pressure gone.

I’m so proud of myself 🙂
I have certainly learnt a lot from this day. HAH.
Funny the way things turn out sometimes ;D

rainbowloveee™Tried to camwhore but aiming fail -_-
Got a nice shot of my phone with its rainbow strap instead though! 😀

And hey I managed to cut down half of the original number of words, doesn’t look too wordy right?

So yep, finally I have completed this poast! ^-^


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