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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Snippets of funny convos


3 recent conversations this year that are still fresh in my mind

Mom: You’re an idiot.
If I were a normal child, you would have scarred me emotionally for life.

But you are not normal. You are abnormal what.

Me: I am so troublesome, why you don’t throw me away?
Mom: If I had known you will be so troublesome, I would have.
Me: Now still can throw.
Mom: But now you will know how to come back by yourself.

*Chatting with clique and wanted to say social skills but ended up saying -*

Me: Flirting skills?
Darilene: Huh? Got such thing one? But you look so innocent!
Me: Later we go practice on the (piano) guys. <– totally nonchalant way
Dian: *burts out laughing loudly*
Darilene: *shoots me epic priceless look*

Hahaha I love funny and cute conversations like these. Kinda like inside jokes that not everyone will understand (L) To be able to talk this way, the people gotta have at least a certain amount of intimacy.

I love my mom so much 😀

Oh and, I would give anything to see Darilene’s epic priceless look again! Man, loved their reactions. I wasn’t expecting that AT ALL HAHAHA!


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