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Watched 4 pilots

Not talking about the people who fly planes but the very first episode of a TV series. It is also the episode that determines whether there will be a whole season. So I decided to watch for 4 shows to determine how good they actually are and if I like them.

1. Game of Thrones (2 episodes) was pretty good. But also quite confusing because of the lingo so I had to keep pausing to reference. Not sure which characters to trust yet but Cersei Lannister is a bitch ok.

2. The Walking Dead (1 episode). So boring… probably the last show on this list I’ll continue watching. How did they ever get the green light to develop a complete season with this? Also, the horse was doing fine on its own until Rick came along and rode it into a horde of zombies and caused it to be eaten alive wtf.

3. Pretty Little Liars (1 episode). Best pilot on this list! Maybe because the high school aspect is more my thing… Plus everyone is so gorgeous. It is one of those good-looking shows like Vampire Diaries. And who doesn’t love secrets?

4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2 episodes). Surprisingly good… I like it as much as Pretty Little Liars. I’ve always wondered why there is such a huge cult following for this show. It does look very promising. Also, Sarah Michelle Gellar is perfect.

5. The Strain (2 episodes of Season 2). Also about vampires. I finished Season 1 many months ago and finally started on the next. It is all right, good enough to make me keep watching. The characters are all so bleh though. Like I won’t really be sad if any of them dies?

6. The Vampire Diaries. At the time of this entry, I’m already loading episodes 4 and 5. Which is further than any of the other shows on this list even if we do not count past seasons. I know I said I would stop watching but I just can’t help myself!! All the characters I care about and love so much. They matter to me with or without Elena around. Plus this season is kinda different in the sense that they are actually showing scenes from flashbacks of the past, present day and three years later!!? Will my faith ever be rewarded?

I’ve spent more than 10 hours today sitting on my ass and watching shows… So productive. Sorry not sorry. Back to Vampire Diaries, bye!

Non-existent happy face

Sooo busy and tired and sleepy all the time. Is this what adulthood and aging all about? Spent most of Labour Day in the office but I actually like the solitude and work is always a good distraction. I usually work from home on weekends on holidays but too many first world problems these days:

1. Laptop has been lagging like crazy (too many photos, no time to sort)
2. Mouse keeps freezing so I have to keep re-plugging
3. Internet kept going down last night
4. Phone is running out of space and has to be charged practically 24/7

everything sucks gif

Too troublesome to replace stuff and I’m trying not to spend too much as I’m going to Europe in June. My mum offered to sponsor me $300 for an iPhone 6 but nah. I have already spent so much in April!! 🙁

1. Purchased a Europe tour (more info soon!)
2. Batam weekend getaway (shopped till I dropped as usual)
3. Dyed my hair at a salon which I almost never do (just to accompany Ling Yue)
4. Did my nails at a shop which I almost never do (for fun… picked it all off in 2 weeks)
5. Treated my family to a $283 meal (the most we have ever spent on a meal I think?)
6. Keep going for buffets with my friends
7. Keep eating at new places and trying nice food
8. Dentist to fix my teeth (blog post coming up!)

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Anyway, was greeted by the most beautiful sunset ever when I left office at around 7pm. Not gonna lie, this photo has been enhanced using Instagram. Here’s the original picture taken with my Samsung S3:

braddell sunset

Another photo enhanced (over-the-top colours on purpose) using Photoshop:

singapore sunset

Anyway, continuing from my previous post on Monday. Tuesday was no better and I was seriously about to fall apart by the end of the day. I guess I must have been unusually silent because Nazreen asked me if I was okay. I said something like, “Not really… But I’ll be.”

elena not okay gif

I’d wanted to simply brush it off and lie but even pretending was difficult… like I couldn’t even rearrange my expression in time. Told her to look at my face and mood on Thursday then we will know again.

Fortunately, Wednesday was great. Everything felt like rainbows and ponies again. How many times have we been through this? When will I learn that the source of my misery is my over-active mind?

So on Thursday, I told Nazreen, “I’m wearing my reasonably happy face” because I was feeling quite good but I could feel it wearing off already (wtf will I ever learn???).

stefan happy face gif

She asked why is there a “reasonably” and said she thinks the “happy” shouldn’t be there because I sound anything but it. Lol I’m trying! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I love quoting Vampire Diaries. I know it so well that I can reference and apply it to all sorts of situations. It’s amazing I followed a show for this long. I usually don’t even make it past half a season. Fuck emotional investment… all it gives you in return is pain and heartbreak.

Forget my non-existent happy face. This is my tired face. You know what kind of photos I hate editing the most? People! Especially of myself. I don’t even liquify but just the brightness / contrast / lighting / colors are a pain enough. Nothing will ever be as photogenic as food. First world problems.