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Movie reviews 2012: Part 1

Here it is!! Only for the 40 odd movies released in 2012 because even though I would love to talk about all 250+ films I watched last year, it is quite impossible for a procrastinator like me.  Going in order of date from the earliest onwards. Clicking on each title will link you to the film’s IMDB page where you can read the synopsis 🙂

Personally I think it was one of the worst and most unsatisfactory year for movies. Since complaining is one of the things I do best, expect a lot of criticism. Remember Harper’s Island despite my rating of 7?

Disclaimer: It’s all a matter of preference + opinion so you do not have to agree. I am doing this for fun and out of interest, I do not claim to be a critic or professional. Images are found via Google and edited by me, but I do not own anything.

1. Chronicle (0/10)


I hated this film so much that I have one whole entry dedicated to it. One thing I forgot to mention was how the climax scene honestly resembled something out of Powerpuff Girls (the Dynamo episode) where Townsville was in ruins after all the destruction.. At least PPG was enjoyable. This was 111 minutes of torture. There are no redeeming qualities at all, not even a face that is easy on the eyes to make up for all of the film’s shitiness.

To sum it up – worst movie I’ve seen this year, worst movie I’ve ever seen in theatres, and worst movie I’ve ever seen my whole life. I truly have no idea why it’s so well-received by both critics and mass audiences. I try to be open-minded and objective, but I really, truly, deeply, madly hate this movie and wish it never existed.

2. Safe House (6/10)

safe house

This had a review on an individual entry as well because I had time then. I know I gave it an 8 last time but that was 1) before moderation 2) I just watched it so the rush was still there 3) I was still a noob because I hadn’t seen many movies.

Basically it’s not bad and I’m quite okay with it in all aspects. Just that the first half was really draggy and hard to follow at first. A very standard action flick and rather forgettable, okay for a one-time viewing but not something I would keep thinking about or rewatch.

3. This Means War (7/10)

this means war

Not gonna lie, I enjoyed every bit of it because it was really funny and entertaining. But at the same time, it was predictable and highly superficial. What little “action” there is exists only as a plot device. I really hate plot devices that serve no real purpose other than to move the storyline along, especially when they are so lazy that they don’t even bother trying to convince you otherwise or justify its existence.

I wouldn’t have minded more focus on the action part on the movie if the subplot had been stronger. After all, the guys are agents. Surely there is more to life than abusing resources on romance and pitting against each other over a girl.

Oh and how convenient she was kidnapped… something that happened because the two guys were too busy being immature and fighting. I don’t even feel like the kidnapper was dangerous and the agents seemed to get rid of him so easily. Quite a let down seeing how the opening scene of them taking out the bad guys was pretty good.

Another problem I have is how the characters are flat and lack emotional depth. I don’t even want to get started on how the female lead (who isn’t even that interesting or special) fell in love with Chris Pine’s character anyway, despite how he showed her the fake side of himself in his attempts to woo her. The film didn’t convince me that she fell for who he really is and not who he pretended to be since the whole film was all about his pretenses??

And yes, it was obvious who would end up with who after all the characters made their first appearance. Because again, how convenient that Tom Hardy’s character already had a son and ex-wife who we saw quite a bit of… happily ever after for everyone, right?

Maybe I’m being harsh but 7 is still high for a rom-com flick.
Anyway, 100 people on Yahoo Answers agreed with my opinion 😀

4. The Hunger Games (7/10)

the hunger games

Ah, mixed feelings…

This needs an entry on its own too because I have so much to say about the whole series. Let’s just say that there is no film I overhyped myself more than I did for The Hunger Games because at one point I was really obsessed with the series (Remember? Ha.) plus both critics and mass audiences raved about the movie.

However, the film did not capture the essence of the book at all. Especially not the complexity of the characters’ relationships. This is what happens when companies want to make money and set it at a lower rating that will appeal to more audiences. I can’t even be bothered to download its torrent and I still don’t feel like watching it again.

Not helped by the fact that the quality of the books declined as the story progressed. Not helped by the fact that I soon discovered the awesomeness of Battle Royale whose novel and manga adaptation were FLAWLESS. Not helped by the fact that while I still love Hunger Games, I don’t really have respect for it since the author doesn’t respect us readers enough to write a satisfactory ending, nor does she respect the characters she had created herself to give them the closure they deserved. Not helped by the fact that I quite resent the series at the same time because it is a blatant rip off Battle Royale.

Oddly enough, its trailer was one of the best I’d ever seen and was what attracted my interest in the series in the first place. I will write a detailed review comparing the books, film and Battle Royale sometime. It’s just a matter of when lol. I love this Honest Trailer though… basically everything.

5. The Avengers (9.5/10)

the avengers

Was so brilliant and gave me so many feels that it has a review on an individual entry (all of which was praise okay) as well. I know it was supposed to have a perfect 10/10 rating except that I rewatched it again months later and it actually bored me -_- To be fair, it dropped down the IMDB charts too.

I think they spent too much time trying to tell us that the heroes all had their differences and couldn’t get along. All the arguing got kinda old on a repeat viewing. We get it, okay? Would be better if they spent more time showing how everyone overcame their inner demons but nevermind. There was this part where Thor couldn’t pick up his hammer but they didn’t explain why or how he managed to pick it up eventually. Plus nobody is really scared of Loki because we all love Tom Hiddles too much, so I don’t feel like the movie really has a villain.

Honest Trailers nailed it though:
“A movie so fulfilling, you won’t remember that the first ??? minutes are actually kind of boring.”

Still, the flaws are so minimal that I can overlook them because the overall awesomeness of the film made up for  everything. Even the shots are well-done. Same goes for the beautiful ending credits. I love that the movie doesn’t take itself and its characters too seriously with all its light-hearted humour.

If I had to pick, this would be my favourite movie of 2012. Watched it twice in theatres (because I fell asleep the first time) and once more at a sleepover (that’s when I got bored, though I was restless and bored with everything that day). Definitely something I’d rewatch. I have the bluray torrent but I’m going to buy the DVD once prices drop anyway.

6. The Vow (6.5/10)

the vow

While it was no The Notebook, I thought it was pretty okay (though slow and boring at times) and most importantly, realistic. The ending was definitely not what I’d expected and I think Rachel McAdams’ character was developed very well. Instead of letting her life be dictated by a guy, even if it’s her husband, she went on this path of self-discovery after her memory loss and it was like living her life all over again.

Despite not being able to remember anything, rather than accepting life the way it was, she went to experience everything again, made choices again. I don’t really know how to explain but it was really great seeing her discover why she made those choices in the first place and finding herself by experiencing everything all over again.

Even where her husband was concerned, she never really remembered him but they started getting to know each other all over again. The significance of how they met on the streets again and decided to try a new cafe instead of their usual was really symbolic, since it meant that they no longer are trying to force things back to how they were like before. Rather, they are starting afresh on a clean slate.

I’d expected a fluffy ending so it really took me by surprise. Which really wrapped up the point and message of the whole movie perfectly. It also complemented the theme and narration of “finding their way back to each other”.

7. Snow White and The Huntsman (6/10)

snow white and the huntsman

First of all, I just want to say that I don’t dislike Kristen Stewart and she’s actually quite good in her other non-Twilight movies. In fact, sometimes I think she is pretty and I quite like her, other times I’m neutral. She was quite bad in this film though, so no wonder the Razzie nomination for Worst Actress.

This movie really bored me and whatever “modern twist” they are trying to bring to the fairytale, it didn’t work nor did it interest me. The plot itself was typical and nothing outstanding. Storyline was slow and draggy and even boring. I quite like the cast but the characters were really unbelievable and uninteresting.

The dwarves were weird, I’m not sure what the point of Sam Claflin’s character aka the young prince was, there was no chemistry between Snow White and the Huntsman so the kisses were all weird… thank god they didn’t really expand on a romantic subplot.

Really love the visual effects though, which you can tell are stunning from the above still. I think it deserves it Oscar nomination for Best Achievement in Visual Effects and in a year of crap movies, this category is the only one that interests me in this year’s Oscars because all the nominees are strong and deserving.

Anyway, my biggest issue with this film is ironically who they casted as Snow White because Kristen Stewart did not even meet basic requirements where appearance is concerned. I am not saying she is ugly. However, the film opened with a monologue describing Snow White’s beauty in detail. If you are going to have such a monologue in which you place such great emphasis on Snow White’s flawless beauty, then shouldn’t you cast someone that matches what you describe?

Really dark hair, fair skin, red lips and perfect beauty — none of which Kristen Stewart has plus I keep noticing her crooked teeth. She just looks very ordinary and honestly, Charlize Theron looks really stunning and outshines her. So it’s weird that one plays the supposedly flawless Snow White while the other plays the jealous old stepmother.

I probably would watch the sequel out of curiosity but definitely not in theatres.