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The kind of tired that sleep can’t fix

If you ask me what I want now, the answer will be ‘Sleep’. For as long as I want, starting and ending at whatever time I please. Think I need a life coach or something… I can’t seem to even perform the basic task of sleeping properly.

you need to sleep

It’s not even insomnia anymore because I’m extra tired these days (no idea why since my stress level is currently minimal) so I fall asleep very quickly. Ermmm before 3am which is a huge improvement.

Problem is now I can’t bloody wake up on time for my course?! It’s Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm, at my workplace. I am basically exempted from regular work for a month… Been late 2 out of 4 days -_- which is terrible because I think punctuality is a sign of courtesy.

I keep waking up, think it’s still early and try to get a few more minutes of sleep… except that I fail to wake up again. When I do, it’s with shock upon seeing the time and a mad rush. Ugh hate missing the start of the class and walking in when someone is talking halfway.

I am rarely late for work at 9.30am so I don’t know what the hell is up with me. Feel like I can’t survive the day without caffeine so I keep downing coffee the whole day too.

Other than that, this week has actually been quite good. Won’t say I’m feeling over-the-moon but I’m not down-in-the-dumps too. Monday was tiring because I went running after work then went to stock up on pet food, Tuesday was so perf I can’t even, ate and ate and ate lots of good food on Wednesday.

Went to the gym yesterday (Thursday) with CK and Jeremy who made me laugh so hard that I was rolling about on the floor. Well I was trying to stretch and plank… but all the laughing burned calories too. I think they were quite disappointed cos they wanted to see Birdman but he wasn’t around HAHA.

Damn weird ok cos I bumped into Birdman on Wednesday while leaving the building and he did his usual thing. Went something like that after all the ‘hi’s and all:

BM: Wa you look good! See, told you that you are the star. And you look slim compared to last year.

Me: No la, is my jacket nice (plus I was in black which is flattering).

BM: No I’m a guy so I can tell. Men and women see different things. You look good… keep it up!

Me: Hahahaha thanks.

BM: Remember, exercise, eat healthy… and sleep! Sleep is very important.

Me: Try…….. I will try.

Was wearing this that day. I bought the jacket from KL for only S$10. It makes any outfit smart-looking. I’m budget from head to toe. Most expensive item is the bag which was S$18 from Batam. Woman at Northpoint once tried to sell me the exact same thing for $40 (or more?) but thank goodness I passed!

Trust me… I did not lose weight as much as I wish I did. No one knows myself better than… myself. I gained more than 2kg in HK and I can feel flab all over me from stress-eating.

Quite obsessed with the gym nowadays. I will even suddenly think about it while sitting in class. Love the feeling of sweating like mad and the sense of accomplishment afterwards.

Sweaty me on Monday… can’t believe the week is nearly over. Plenty to look forward to but first I need to sleep. I’m determined to not just be on time but be early later ok?!

Pink hair with $2 Miranda hair dye

Went to Batam over *my* long weekend and it was super fruitful! I’ll save the food, shopping and everything else for another post (if I ever get round to it) because I just wanna show you my new hair which I’m quite surprised about!!

These small boxes of hair dye in several lovely and bright colours at a dry goods store caught my eye. But I was incredulous that one box cost only 20,000 rupiahs??? Which is like only S$2.10! How safe and good can this be, you may ask. That’s exactly what I thought.

I asked the tour guide if using it will make me bald and she said no but it will be dry so you’ll have to do post-care. Which is not much different from every other dye job out there, whether in a Singapore salon or DIY. She also said my length would probably require 2 boxes.

miranda pink hair color dye

So I decided to take a chance and bought the pink. I was ready to shave my head if it ended up botched.

Googled the brand online when I got back to the hotel at night. I could only find one proper blog post and she used the dye on bleached hair to get ombre tips. The end result was very bright and what I wanted. Didn’t think it would be the same for mine because I have dark hair.

There’s one box in the Miranda range that is actually a self-bleaching agent which you are recommended to use for brighter results but I passed.

 miranda hair color review

Quite excited to test it out so I did the moment I got home last night. One box came with 1) a tube of colourant cream 2) a tube of colour developer 3) a pack of conditioner. There are also instructions so not to worry. You’ll also need:

1. Gloves
2. Hair dye brush or come
3. Chopstick or something you can use to stir
4. A container (in my case, a cup I was planning to throw out)

I poured the cream x2 and developer x2 all into a cup. Mixed well with the chopstick (see above pic) and then started to spread everywhere on my hair. Let it settle for about 25 minutes. Shampoo-ed twice and then used the conditioner provided. Done!

The colour started showing while my hair was drying and it was turning out pretty well 😀

 miranda permanent hair color result

The following photos were taken first thing when I woke up this morning. Also I have never rebonded my hair and nor do I visit the salon at all, other when I need a trim every few years so please don’t expect my hair to look like a catalogue.

miranda hair dye review result

Hair quality feels fine and I’m not balding. More of a dark purple than bright pink but I love it. I wish I had used 3 boxes instead and bought more for next time as well as the bleaching agent!!! Read online that the colour isn’t very lasting.

miranda hair dye pink color

Quite an easy process and so much better compared to my previous DIY dye jobs using Liese bubble dye (the colour is never obvious and it costs $20 per box which is 10x more).

Super happy with this Miranda hair dye :3 Can you believe I only spent $4… Thought I would go to a salon before my Bangkok and Hong Kong trips in November for proper dyeing and a botched DIY experience would give me the perfect excuse. Lol we’ll see!