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Breaking News: I (finally) cut my hair

So yes believe it or not, I finally did it! After months maybe even a year of procrastinating. Actually I’d resolved to do so weeks ago but twice I went to the hairdresser and both times it was already closed. Then I lost the mood again… until now. Woke up to a bad hair day and it was like I had a head of dry grass instead :@

Lol here is me being the bugger that I am and I disturbed at least ten people muahaha. Screenshot isn’t long enough but it’s enough to show who are the ones I hold dear to my heart. Ok let’s move on because I am starting to feel emotional.

Ugh really not fond of taking photos of myself these days because I feel like I never look good and am perpetually fat. Three weeks without running already!! 🙁 But anyway, just for the sake of comparison. Plus for once I’m actually sure that everybody’s curious because me getting a haircut is such a rare occurrence. Hardly any difference though; I only cut it shorter.

long hair

First photo taken sometime earlier this January and second photo taken just now.
My last haircut was actually March 2011… that’s more than 2 years of hair T_T

long hair

First photo from graduation two weeks ago; hair was so freaking long I couldn’t even crop the pictures equally!
As usual, my chin is missing in action, welp.

Hair feels a lot lighter and healthier and thicker now. Split ends please don’t ever come back. They were the reason why I just felt compelled to snip it all off. I feel slightly odd though… all that hair, gone (along with my self-confidence, which has been replaced by self-consciousness)! Being my dramatic self, I told my mom that I have no hair left.

Hair is no longer one of my most distinctive traits and no one will compliment it anymore 🙁 Admin Lady in the office can longer refer to me as Girl With The Beautiful Hair. Back to boring ordinariness. Someone said the salon should pay me for my hair instead, hahaha. It’s okay… the haircut cost me only $3.80 ^^ Yes I meant three dollars and eight cents.

Can’t stop fiddling with my hair because there are no more rough split ends and also because I still think I cut too much!! But it’s okay, not regretting it. Hopefully I get back my original length soon, only loads healthier 😀 Thanks everyone who’s been supportive; be it those who said I didn’t need a haircut because they know how I feel about it, or those who said this new one doesn’t suck hahaha.

long hair

From 2 weeks ago…
Wonder what colleagues will say tomorrow…?