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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Red flag

Grateful for:

– Encouraging me to do my CV and applications
– And actually making sure I did them
– Encouraging me and having confidence in me
– The support and listening ear during a very tough time
– Guidance and advice to navigate said tough times
– Listening to my never-ending rants and yapping
– Speaking up for me when I’m not around
– Waiting for me to be home safely
– Morning and good night texts
– Recognising my dog
– Movies online and offline
– Rides here and there
– Long lunches
– And even longer calls almost daily
– Poisson the rat (I adored this not cos it’s a rat or super cute or from Paris but cos it was one of the rare times I felt genuinely thought of… and ok maybe partly cos it’s a rat. And that we named him together)

But I will not ignore:

– Hanging up on me
– Dismissing my feelings
– Baiting me to trigger/provoke a reaction
– “Live a little” when you actually know nothing
– Telling me not to “antagonise” people
– Mentioning having lunch 3x only to cancel on me
– Throwing away food I bought you in front of me without even offering me a bite
– When we had a dilemma and neither of your 2 suggestions considered me
– Not following through on things you mentioned first
– When you stopped doing the above list of things

birthday text

Always felt that you like how I make you feel more than you actually like me, and I don’t think I’m wrong. No matter the context, I am not okay with the lack of consideration, curiosity, consistency or sensitivity. But rather than ask for things that should be bare minimum, I would rather just take my leave.

You say it feels sudden, but I don’t think so, you just weren’t paying attention when I needed you to. You say that you hope I’m okay, but if you really knew me, you would know that I’m not.

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