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Well well well

May 11, 2018 / 8:25PM

This is where I am most honest but because it’s where I turn to every time I feel shitty or need to rant. And unlike in the past, I don’t post about daily happenings or special occasions anymore. So it feels like one depressing post after another. Sometimes they sound so… pathetic that I can’t even bear to re-read what I wrote.

Some days I feel like a ray of sunshine and some days it’s all doom and gloom la ok I’m only human so let me live. It’s not like I wanna be sad and it’s not that I am not trying. Don’t presume to know what I’m going through or what’s on my mind cos there are so many things I have yet to share with anyone.

I didn’t go to the gym this week and I ate very normally and binged on sugar / sodium / carbs and honestly it feels so liberating. Work-wise, the second half of the week has been short too. So I feel quite well this week.

A lot of people (both whom I see every day and whom I haven’t seen in ages) told me that I’ve lost weight so fuck yes. But hey guess what I’m still not satisfied.

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