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I’m a nerd

April 23, 2018 / 1:07AM

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I’m back to being the nerd I was during my childhood and teenage years.

Mostly because I moved house and finally have a wonderful built-in shelf that’s large enough to display all my precious books. And also because I joined Buzzfeed’s Facebook book club which really gets me in the mood to read. And not forgetting how glorious the new Yishun Library is (all those pristine new books!!!)

I feel like I’ve outgrown the romance genre because I’m now a cynic instead of the dreamy, idealistic, hopeless romantic that I used to be. Oh, life. Right now I’m super addicted to whodunit slashers and thrillers where couples screw each other over…

twiinklex goodreads

One of friends on Goodreads told me this and I realised she’s not wrong. If you wanna be more precise, I would say I’m most interested in books with domestic abuse and infidelity. What can I say, those topics intrigue me.

Reading is pretty much all I do in my free time now. I’m so lazy to update my blog or do anything else when I can just light my scented candle and slouch in bed with a book. Uninterrupted and tranquil. Such a simple pleasure.

Though I do wish I know someone in real life who’s as enthusiastic about books or reads as much so that I have someone to talk to about it. Sigh.

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