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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Day 436

The World Wide Web and its residents aren’t being very kind to you recently. I’m not gonna lie… Part of me is secretly glad that something has finally happened to shake that ‘perfect’ life and image you have built. Something that actually hits you where it hurts because it involves stuff you care a great deal about, more than you ever cared about me. Glad that people are finally starting to see you for who you (still not your worst side though… I wonder how many people have seen it and been on its receiving end like me).

But another part of me wishes I was there to make you feel better and listen to you. Escape into our own world like we used to, where nobody else existed but us.

They say you are “just a wedding photographer”. But what they don’t know is that you love shooting so many other things. That shooting nature is what you love and how you first got started, except that it doesn’t exactly pay the bills.

Remember when you brought along those critters to dinner with me? I asked if they were your new pets and you smiled that smile of yours and said “test subjects”. I was so happy that day because everything was perfect until I had to say goodbye again.

They say you are big-headed and egotistic. Which isn’t exactly wrong because I know you are really proud of all you have achieved and you care about what other people think of you a lot. But they don’t know how hard you have worked for everything. They have never seen you at work at 3am like I have. They have never seen your passion and drive or met the perfectionist in you like I have.

Yet I have gone from someone who had never heard of you even though you were at your peak then, to someone who knows more about you than most people do, to someone who no longer talks to you and resorts to following news articles about you instead.

I’m foolish and pathetic for still having you on my mind, I know, I know…

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