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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Missing you is a slow burn

Once again, you have managed to set my heart racing despite doing almost nothing. Says a lot about how much I have moved on.

In all honesty, I’ve long stopped hoping but there are still times when I imagine you being in my life again. And some days all I crave is to be in your arms once more, because they always made me feel so safe and warm, like everything was going to be all right.

But everything is not all right. Not really.

I know you don’t care despite you claiming otherwise, even though for the longest time I pretended to be blind to it and as much as I want to believe you. But actions will always speak louder than words and your silence is all the answer I need.

While there are some things I wished I had done differently and even after all the pain, I don’t regret any of it and I don’t regret us, because I know my feelings were real. Are real.

If anything, I’m really glad to have taken a chance despite knowing you were trouble when you walked into my life and it was all going end in (my) tears, instead of leading my life with a string of what ifs or if onlys.

Thank you for everything. Maybe one day I’ll be able to truly let go once and for all, just like how you seem to so easily did.

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