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Descendants of the Sun

No new Vampire Diaries or Game of Thrones episodes so I found something else to occupy me. Watched the trailer while doing an article about it and thought it looked interesting so I decided to give this show a try. Best choice ever.

I usually can’t get past more than a few episodes when watching new shows because my attention span is super short. But Descendants of the Sun has gotten me hooked because it’s so different and thrilling!!

Descendants of the Sun scenery

First of all, the setting is GORGEOUS omg look at how blue the sea is!!! It’s almost unreal… Apparently they did the filming in Greece. Hello bucket list…

Descendants of the Sun scene

But the best part is how the show has the perfect combination of romance, humour, action (men in uniform sigh) and everything. Not cheesy or sobby like the typical Korean drama. So much heart and soul. Even the side plots are super engaging.

I wanted to take my time watching so that I wouldn’t run out of episodes, but I finished 3 today because the plot was so damn exciting. I even cried not because it was sad but simply because… I don’t know how to describe it. So emotionally powerful and intense.

Descendants of the Sun Song Hye-kyoDescendants of the Sun

Lol and yet you can’t stay away… If anything, it draws you in even more 🙄

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