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Happy Mother’s Day to my bae

Happy Mother’s Day to the person I’m closest with in the whole wide world, the one who’s always been there and whom I can’t live without. I love you even though I might not always show it. And even when you’re angsty (shouldn’t it be the other way round?? LOL)

All’s good though, because look at the influx of emoticons. Women who are truly mad don’t use emoticons, agree? Hmm I think she feels neglected this year because I haven’t been spending as much one-on-one time with her 🙁

I totally felt like this when we were in Bangkok last November, way before I saw this tweet. Had this moment where I was laughing so heartily and looking at her, feeling so happy that she was here to enjoy all of these with me.

So last Sunday (May 3), was having supper at Swee Choon with Estelle, Jeremy and CK then we were asking each other all sorts of rubbish as usual. One question that came up was what our favourite food was. Having eaten so many nice things, I couldn’t decide on an answer.

But when the question changed to what we would want to eat if it was our last meal, I suddenly found it so much easier to answer. My mum’s chicken rice! Which made me realise that I could eat all the heavenly food in the world, but my mum’s cooking — full of love and warmth — will always be tops.

Anyway, the three of them started asking me nonsense hypothetical questions (must be revenge for all the times I did it to them). For examples, two trains are crashing and each carry people but I can only choose one group to save.

“Will you save your hamster or a newborn baby?”
“My hamster la.”
“Innocent baby leh??!!?” Your hamster or 3 newborns?”
“Ten, hundred newborns?”
“My hamster. It’s about the emotional attachment.”

“What about your hamster, who is stuffing its face with food…
“Versus a child who is crying, screaming and looking at you pleadingly?”
“Hmm ok la then the child lor. My hamster won’t know what hit it.”

Asked them why they keep using hamsters and they said it’s because hamsters are my deal-breakers. Then they brought my mum into the picture. I obviously chose my mum for everything until…

“What if your mum is on the same train as Hitler?”
“And you know if he survives, he’s gonna commit genocide.”
“What if your mum IS Hitler?”

“Your parents versus an entire village of healthy, useful people?”
“My parents la.”
“What if they are old and sickly already?”
“Then I’ll ask them because it’s their choice to make, not mine.”
“Yeah you all will have time to sit down and have a discussion right.”

Then my non-existent husband got involved too…

“What if your husband killed your hamster?”
“If purposely, no chance. Say bye bye. Accidentally maybe can forgive after a while.”
“What if your husband killed your mum?”
“Then he die la.”
“What if your husband killed your mum after she asked him to?”
“He die also.”
“What if your husband let your mum commit suicide?”
“Still die. It’s basic human decency leh.”
“What if your mum committed suicide and asked you not to blame your husband?”

Bae = Before Anyone Else 😀

And if you are still searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, why not try Zalora? Even my mum is a fan of their lovely + reasonably priced + quality items! Was looking at their Melissa Jelly flats for women and now I’m so tempted to get stuff for myself (as usual haha).

Such a pretty colour… And the thing about this range of Melissa flats is that they are completely comfortable (bye blisters) and come with a signature bubblegum scent!

Shiny, glittery, has bows… does that remind you of anyone lol.

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