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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

This crippling disappointment

feel everything so very deeply

It really, truly isn’t a big deal. I was feeling hopeful but my expectations were minimal. So what is this horrid, crippling disappointment that I feel? There is no reason to feel so down… but the sadness envelopes me, suffocates me and consumes me.

Then again, what’s new? Sometimes it does seem like it’s all in my head but other times, I’m not so sure myself either. I wouldn’t be over-thinking at all if there was nothing to think about in the first place, right??? RIGHT??!?! I’m so ridiculous that I can’t stand myself.

Editor drove us out for lunch today so we ate at Junction 8’s Ambush. We had Din Tai Fung last week (See, life is good. Don’t know for how long I want to be a miserable old sod). Wa, the last time I ate here was with Kenneth, Meredith and Sarah when I was still a lowly intern. This is only my second visit.

ambush lunch set

 ambush's paella

 ambush paella

Ambush’s paella yum yum. I just checked the old photos from my first visit and realised I ate this too. Pretty sure I’m bullshitting but it tastes better this time. $12.90 for this and soup and a drink which is quite value for money.

ambush chicken garlic sausages

Sarah’s chicken garlic sausages.

Jeremy: What is schnitzel?
Sarah: It’s that German thing lor.
Me: I also know it’s a German thing.

HAHAHA luckily I wasn’t laughing while drinking something this time. I have spat out my drink thrice in front of my colleagues recently because they say the funniest shit ever. Everyone is very scared of sitting opposite and beside me now 🙁

Won movie tickets too. I was just doing my work at 11.40pm on Sunday and came across the contest which was closing at midnight so I decided to try my luck hahaha.

So can I just get a grip and snap out of it already?? Ok la feeling much better than when I first started this post already. Firstly, I love posting/looking at food photos because they rarely ever turn out ugly. Secondly, I am lucky to have friends who put up with my bullshit.

Andre just sent me this crazy video of him doing the most ridiculous shit ever and now I can’t stop laughing. I also keep asking Jeremy stupid hypothetical questions non-stop but he humours me by answering them properly anyway. Strange how they have no idea what’s going on but are actually helping so much just by being around.

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