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Yesterday (April 1) was so good and I’m so happy (NOT because of what I’m going to talk about) that I can feel a rainbow shining out of my ass. Yeah I’m really freaking ridiculous… over-thinking nothing into something as always.

Then again it could be that “one day of the week” which I was talking about in my previous post. Watch me go crazy and emo shit after a few days all over again omg can I stop being such a jerk to myself???

I’m actually enjoying my course which turned out to be a lot more interesting than I’d expected plus I’m learning very useful things. Scored 9/20 on a impromptu spelling test and I have never even heard of two words. Wow spell-check has ruined us all… Lol am I a writer or not.

Spent a grand total of three and a half hours in class yesterday, not counting lunch which was over two hours long. Bumped into Azhar and the rest after I ended class at 4pm. They were just leaving for lunch so I tagged along.

rainbow unicorn

Complained about this guy whom Estelle and I met at the gym the day before. Personally, I think he is worse than Birdman. He kept looking at us, started telling us that we were doing it all wrong (“My major is sports science so I don’t talk for air”) plus a whole load of other stuff and then stared some more. Like totally judging us and I felt sooo uncomfortable.

Didn’t mind listening to his supposed tips even though I asked if running can burn fats and he said my intensity was not high enough. Any faster and I’ll be flying off the treadmill ok?! What I really hated was the staring because it made me feel self-conscious and not feel like carrying on anymore. So I didn’t.

Anyway, the moment I mentioned sports science, Azhar and Jeremy figured out who I was referring to… because they were all friends. Then my dear editor, ‘tactful’ as always, immediately went to message Kaypohguy about Estelle and me.

According to Azhar, who was chortling the whole time he read out the messages, Kaypohguy referred to me as the “small cute cute one” and said I “can be model”.

demi lovato hahaha no gif

ummm no gif

I have never felt more out of shape than nowadays. I chomped my way from Christmas into 2015, through New Zealand and Chinese New Year and Hong Kong. I also kept indulging in eating my feelings… and trust me, I have a lot of feelings.

Unfortunately, Azhar wasn’t done. To verify that he and Kaypohguy were talking about the same girl, he took a candid photo of me on the spot and I didn’t even realise it until later when he said so. Wtf why you do this to me???

Me: Couldn’t you have chosen a flattering photo from my Facebook to send instead?

CK: That’s what you are concerned about? Not that he is taking and sending your photo?

doctor who shake head gif

But Let’s-Make-Cherlynn-Uncomfortable Day was far from over.

Left ahead of the rest and returned to office because I had something on. I was standing at the lobby when Birdman popped out from behind me and went, “Hello baby!” Then he started talking non-stop as usual. Still talking when Azhar and the rest came back and walked past us.

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