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The great escape

tumblr escape

Another long lull of not updating but I have been so busy with packing, planning and more! Now I’m back from both Bangkok (Nov 5-8) and Hong Kong (Nov 13-18) trips. Before that in late October there was my 21st birthday which I spent with the people I love over several days.

There’s so much good things, positivity, laughter and happiness everyday. I can’t repeat enough how fortunate I feel and how much I love the people around me because they are the ones who brought all these things into my life.

Anyway, here’s a brief recount of both trips. Will try to blog in detail if I have time but let’s just say I haven’t even posted about Bangkok last year, and Phuket plus Taiwan earlier this year.


bangkok pratunam haul

My haul even before I visited Chatuchak Weekend Market (though I didn’t buy much there) 😀 Everything is mine except the pair of red sneakers because I wanted to fill up the white space.

This was my second visit and again with my mum (we went last year in August with my aunt). I love this city as much as ever with its cheap everything, spicy food, endless shopping and impeccable service. Plus where else can you have all-you-can eat mookata (crazy spread as well) for S$6?

Hong Kong and Macau

hong kong haul

Mostly local food products such as pork jerky, wife’s biscuits and egg rolls for giving away. They’re nearly all gone! Bottom right is actually ‘voodoo doll’ keychains from Bangkok which I let people choose from. Wish I’d taken a closeup of all the different dolls before giving them out!

This was my first visit and I went with friends. We did a balance of sightseeing, shopping and eating! The research/guide I compiled turned out to be 100 pages long but we didn’t have time to visit loads of places still. Definitely returning again.

Everything is quite pricey here so I actually did minimal shopping for myself. The food is heavenly (though this applies for every country I’ve been to) and there is simply so much beauty that left me in awe. It’s really different seeing all of them with your own eyes instead of just through photos online.

Left: On my dad’s taxi on the way to the airport at 6am+ for my Bangkok flight
Right: Having just arrived at Hong Kong International Airport at 1pm

So very tired zZz no judging okay. Still am. I continued sleeping at 4am everyday in both countries and it wasn’t because I was reading or watching anything :))))

And well, if I ever feel like I haven’t done enough shopping, I can just head over to my favourite Zalora and go on a spree! 😀 Am loving their collection of Aldo accessories online!!!

There’s unique arm candy for hipsters, elegant necklaces to complete your sophisticated look, casual embellishments that will spice up any outfit and more! No more worrying about how to get that effortlessly posh look 🙂

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