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We need to talk about Hong Kong

Things have calmed down a lot and it helps that I’m super stress-free now, being away on course. I miss having entire weekends free and having time to myself. A month is probably gonna pass in the blink of an eye (a week has already gone by!!) but here’s to making the best out of it.

Starting to feel less of a wreck and like my life is getting back on track… Not because suddenly everything is all sunshine and rainbows but because I’m getting used to it. Plus all the negativity was taxing and I just wanna feel like myself again.

One of the best quotes from We Need To Talk About Kevin:

we need to talk about kevin gif

Five days in Hong Kong did me very well too. I find it ridiculous now that I wasn’t 100% excited about going. But then again, I always think the stupidest stuff up. This time, I imagined dying of bird flu or falling out with Estelle HAHA.

Estelle’s friend was working there and invited her over because there was space in her hotel room (which her company was paying for). She was telling me about it and casually said, “You can come if you want.” I was like really???? So we booked our tickets and less than two weeks later, we were off!

Us on the ferry to Macau! I’m an embarrassment because I was in HK only five months ago but she’s the one who did all the navigation. I’m damn hopeless with directions.

Had such an amazing time! On my previous visit, I was mostly in the Kowloon area. This time, I was mostly in Hong Kong Island. Tried the food and visited the places I’d wanted to last time but didn’t have time for. Went back to a couple of my favourites.

Wish I had time to do a proper post each for all my travels. So many photos of heavenly food and magnificent sights I want to share. Might just Instagram them… I don’t normally use it but I posted more than usual during this trip.

Truly thankful for everything. Her friend is so nice?! If it was me, I wouldn’t want a stranger invading into my space. Not because I’m unkind but I’m just very introverted.

So it was the three of us warm and snug in one bed. I was actually worried about being a nuisance because I don’t sleep early (if I could at all) but I slept so well there. Only had brief insomnia on one night but the rest, I was long gone before 2am. Wasn’t even the last to turn in sometimes.

That was how carefree I felt… Wish I could have stayed the entire week.

I can’t believe that I shopped more than last time too?! This was what I bought after just an afternoon in Mongkok, all for myself 😀 Most were from just Fa Yuen Street actually, where the good bargains are. I like it better than Ladies Market and Temple Street.

At least I bought only one pair of shoes this time…

Damn tired (but happy)! Can you see the blisters at the back of my feet? I was wearing normal flats and I’m impressed they lasted throughout the whole trip after so much walking. We even hiked from one end of Lamma Island to the other for one hour the previous day.

You know what’s ridiculous? Nothing happened when I went to the gym four days in a row but my arm muscles ‘came out’ after carrying this load for the whole day -_- Though they went back into hiding after I returned. Forget exercising, let’s just go shopping next time.

I had four bags to carry and one check-in luggage even AFTER packing wtf. Seriously regret switching to a small suitcase in the end because I underestimated myself and thought, “Don’t think I will buy much since I just came in November.” Right, right.

Actually it was amazing all three of us made it through the airport at all because we had so much baggage. Mine just happened to be… bigger in size. The green/blue bag contained nothing but…

18 packets/boxes are mine and I regret nothing. They were either very cheap or looked super good!! One of my favourite things to do when overseas is to go to the supermarket to buy maggi mee you can’t find in Singapore. Sadly there were none in New Zealand.

Where to next? 😀

The great escape

tumblr escape

Another long lull of not updating but I have been so busy with packing, planning and more! Now I’m back from both Bangkok (Nov 5-8) and Hong Kong (Nov 13-18) trips. Before that in late October there was my 21st birthday which I spent with the people I love over several days.

There’s so much good things, positivity, laughter and happiness everyday. I can’t repeat enough how fortunate I feel and how much I love the people around me because they are the ones who brought all these things into my life.

Anyway, here’s a brief recount of both trips. Will try to blog in detail if I have time but let’s just say I haven’t even posted about Bangkok last year, and Phuket plus Taiwan earlier this year.


bangkok pratunam haul

My haul even before I visited Chatuchak Weekend Market (though I didn’t buy much there) 😀 Everything is mine except the pair of red sneakers because I wanted to fill up the white space.

This was my second visit and again with my mum (we went last year in August with my aunt). I love this city as much as ever with its cheap everything, spicy food, endless shopping and impeccable service. Plus where else can you have all-you-can eat mookata (crazy spread as well) for S$6?

Hong Kong and Macau

hong kong haul

Mostly local food products such as pork jerky, wife’s biscuits and egg rolls for giving away. They’re nearly all gone! Bottom right is actually ‘voodoo doll’ keychains from Bangkok which I let people choose from. Wish I’d taken a closeup of all the different dolls before giving them out!

This was my first visit and I went with friends. We did a balance of sightseeing, shopping and eating! The research/guide I compiled turned out to be 100 pages long but we didn’t have time to visit loads of places still. Definitely returning again.

Everything is quite pricey here so I actually did minimal shopping for myself. The food is heavenly (though this applies for every country I’ve been to) and there is simply so much beauty that left me in awe. It’s really different seeing all of them with your own eyes instead of just through photos online.

Left: On my dad’s taxi on the way to the airport at 6am+ for my Bangkok flight
Right: Having just arrived at Hong Kong International Airport at 1pm

So very tired zZz no judging okay. Still am. I continued sleeping at 4am everyday in both countries and it wasn’t because I was reading or watching anything :))))

And well, if I ever feel like I haven’t done enough shopping, I can just head over to my favourite Zalora and go on a spree! 😀 Am loving their collection of Aldo accessories online!!!

There’s unique arm candy for hipsters, elegant necklaces to complete your sophisticated look, casual embellishments that will spice up any outfit and more! No more worrying about how to get that effortlessly posh look 🙂