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I got hitched!?

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I’m back!!!! Life has been one crazy, busy and stressful ride but my mood is on a high. Can’t believe the whole of September just passed like that. I was occupied with my new marriage and haven’t had time for the virtual world.

Okay, not really. The marriage part, I mean. Though that’s what it felt like. We dated for about a year, I signed the contract and now it calls for even more time, attention and dedication. ‘It’ being none other than my full-time job which I’ve been married to for about a month HAHAHA.

Started doing night / weekend / Lollipop / MyPaper shifts. It’s quite demanding and things are not always easy. I did night shift everyday in Week 2 of Sep, was preoccupied with MyPaper (which I find to be the most challenging task of all) in Week 3, fell ill and took 2 days’ MC in Week 4 then came back to MyPaper again.

Yet I have never felt more at peace, lucky and blissful with where I’m at in life. So thankful for colleagues and their guidance, patience and kindness, for friends who stand by me even after all my mood swings and who I feel a connection with even when I don’t see them as often as I’d like, and of course my family (piggy included) who I constantly want to pamper. The three groups of people that keep me going 🙂

So yep here are the two articles I’ve written for MyPaper so far. You can read the digital versions here and here.
Just a small page of three sections STOMP has on the paper every Friday, which we take turns to write.

 photo 20131002_134105.jpg

 photo 20131002_133833.jpg

 photo 20131002_134044.jpg

 photo 20131002_133904.jpg

Wrote the text for the orange as well LOL. Before I started full-time, I only did the Hot Index (got a whole collection of them) but I don’t consider them to be proper bylines.

Not that I’m very proud of these 2 articles though it’s nice seeing your own name. But I felt like such a shit writer whenever I was working on them… I much prefer the writing I do for the website as byline-less as they are. Nevertheless, I emailed these pics to four NYP lecturers to let them know how I was doing.

 photo 20130925_203149-horz-vert.jpg

Night shift! One perk is either my dad comes to drive me home or David comes pick me up and we go out 😀 Editor once called me a princess because I always seem to have someone picking me up after gym, Mulligan’s etc hehehe.

Got loads more significant updates but they will have to wait. Won tickets to the premiere of Insidious 2 tonight yay!!!! So many things to be happy about and to look forward to 🙂 I don’t want this year to ever end…

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