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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Something to think about

This has got to be one of the best ads ever… how many of us will actually pass the test? And how many of us have friends who will go that far for us?

Was talking about this with some people and they would slam the phone down on their friends if it happened to them. Maybe it’s the honesty but it kinda surprised me. Also read comments online that said they aren’t sure if any of their friends would go that far for them. Which is quite sad actually, don’t you think?

Not to blow my own horn or anything but I think I would pass the test? First of all, I would mostly likely still be awake at the time of call. Plus in the past, I have lent a friend $250 before even though I wasn’t very clear on what happened and didn’t want to probe. I even agreed very quickly. All I needed was trust and reassurance that he would pay me back, which he did.

I think that for me, it just depends on who the person is. If it’s someone I consider at least a good friend and you are in need, then of course I would be there. If you are just a hi-bye acquaintance (then they should be closing their good friends in the first place and not me), then sorry but no. I don’t like people who talk to me only when they need something.

There have been a few occasions where acquaintances messaged me on fb asking for a loan involving hundreds… and they didn’t even explain what happened. You mad? Like you really think I’d agree considering that the only reason you are speaking to me is because you need money?

Well still, it’s hard to say until the experiment actually happens to you.
Maybe I might fail it despite what I’m saying now.

Just nice I came across this thread on Formspring last night and found the answer to be very true:

Aiya actually wanted to say something more but on second thought, maybe not.
This is why I don’t really see a point in blogging anymore.

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