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Do you know those days where everything falls into place perfectly, planned or unplanned, where not a single thing goes wrong, and nobody or nothing ruins your mood so you are just beyond happy and content for the whole day? Well  I had a whole week like that in September!

10 September (Monday)

Returned to school for IPP briefing, then had lunch with Dian and Darilene at Upper Thomson 😀
Tried out this place called Ice Edge Cafe at the same old stretch of road I always go.

It was like we found a gem because the food, ambience and service were all so good! They even had a 1-for-1 lunch offer. Initially we were like, “But we have 3 people…” then Dian said “Just order 4” in a very-matter-of-fact manner which made it even funnier and we were like YES.

Pesto Cream Chicken with wedges

The serving is so generous and it tastes awesome!!

Beer Battered Fish ‘n’ Chips

Super big portion and I like this a lot too!

Tom Yum Seafood Spaghetti

At first I was like “Damn so little, should have ordered the same as Dian or Darilene” but turns out it’s quite a lot and I was soooo stuffed! And it’s freaking yummy too!!! ♥ This goes into my list of favourite spaghettis along with Longhouse’s and Pastamania’s 😀

Seafood Aglio Olio Spaghetti

A bit oily but it’s olive oil so nevermind. Really flavourful, nice and unique though!

Basically all 4 items were awesome! 😀 if you are wondering how I remembered the individual names, the answer is I don’t, I had to look it up on their site lololol. Cannot even remember prices! But I think each of us ended up paying only $12+ which is so damn worth it. Not sure if the promotion still exists but it’s only during weekday lunchtime.

Haiya I should take down notes for blogging references but I cannot be bothered especially when it comes to food because all I wanna do is dig in. Anyway, this is my personal blog and not a (food) review blog so who cares.

Visited Salted Caramel for ice cream next! 😀

Earl grey ♥♥♥

Cabbed to AMK Hub to watch Ted!

Doesn’t have me but I like this picture a lot hahaha

Ted was hilarious… I quite like it! Dian and I cried LOL

Anw I’m planning to blog about all the movies released in 2012 that I’ve watched in one whole list (being overambitious again and confirm will procrastinate until dunno when) so more details then! Or you can refer to my film list where the ratings are moderated which means I change them quite every now and then.

Not much else to do after the movie so we went home and I boarded an empty train despite it being peak hour. See what I mean by perfect days?

Also I wanted to blog the whole awesome week in one shot but you and me both have short attention spans so I’ll continue next time. Okay truth is, I’m tired hehe. Not feeling exactly ‘perfect’ these days and I think all the late but fun nights out are taking a toll on me. Life is also full of bad shit that I avoid blogging about.

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