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It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Remember how I said I loved Rihanna’s We Found Love in an older entry? Well actually I only “discovered” it after listening to the acoustic version by Sam Tsui on this Stelena fanvid. Which I can’t seem to stop watching.

The first as well as the one and only Stelena video that I have ever favourited. Honestly it’s so heartbreaking and everytime I watch it, I like them better.  Come to think of it, their love was pretty doomed in S3. So this song is perfect for them. Their song.

I tried to find a Delena fanvid that uses the same song and the best one I could find was this. But admittedly it isn’t as good the above video. Even though the lyrics match the scenes better (e.g. “Yellow diamonds in the light” = the necklace LOL wow, I would have never thought of that), the song just fits Stelena better on a whole.

I’m so obssessed with this song that I even went to listen to various covers (a habit I don’t have). Still think this Sam Tsui version is the best and if I feel hyper, Rihanna’s does it perfectly for me 😀 Tyler Ward’s is too slow and Boyce Avenue’s is too fast.

Trying not to blog too much TVD here so you can read my thoughts on certain episodes (not all) here if you want. Haven’t had time to go on Tumblr (again) recently though… so lazy to do anything on the Internet nowadays.

Not digging Season 4. And I do watch for the plot and other characters but these days, every character is either boring, annoying or out of character. Plot has so far been better than S3’s stupid recurring shit about killing Originals (and failing) with a new and interesting antagonist. Though I do wonder how long it’ll last.

Can’t wait for 4×07 which apparently features the Miss Mystic Falls dance once again. Spoiler has it that there’s a Delena dance (Stefan won’t be there and well, gag me if it’s Klaroline). So watch me as I get ridiculously high hopes for the episode and be ridiculously pissed off and disappointed later. That’s what happened in all the other dances in 2×18, 3×14 and 3×21 LOL. So far, nothing will ever to be the epicness that was 1×19…

But it’s okay. No matter what, it’s quite a given that I’ll always follow the show and watch every episode (unless they majorly fuck up?). Even though sometimes I feel like the writers just wanna string both sides of the fandom along so that everyone will watch it and they can get ratings (actual reason I wasn’t overly impressed with the 3×22 finale, not because Elena picked Stefan).

After all, thy course of true love never did run smooth. It’s a sprint, not a marathon 😉
Ending this post with another one of my favourite fanvids that never fails to make me cry.

Oh, and not promoting my own channel but I really think all the fanvids I’ve favourited are freaking masterpieces that everyone should watch. Where do people get their talent?! Much as I love to post every one of them here to share, I don’t have the time. CLICK!

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