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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

What is love?

love you take

Love is when your mom orders the wrong food (kimchi beef noodles; she wanted rice) and wants something else, but your dad who hates both kimchi and beef very much, offers to eat it so that she can have something else. Love is when your mom, knowing that your doesn’t eat kimchi and beef at all, refuses to let him make the sacrifice, and finishes the noodles by herself.

Love my parents and my adorable brother very much 🙂

BBQ sambal stingray

Also had this BBQ sambal stringray (favourite ❤❤❤) yesterday and it was so insanely good! Love how everyone in the family is a freak for chilli 😀 it was so yummy that we ordered a second one.

Main stressor in life these days is… stress. Crazy workload from school hence the lack of updates (reason #2 mentioned in earlier post below though it more or less doesn’t apply anymore hehe, reason #3 being there are too many people around who have nothing better to do but create unnecessary drama) but hopefully I am more free next week!

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