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# I live a Darilene appreciation life

Went out with Darilene last last Wednesday (15 Feb) because I wanted to watch Midnight In Paris and she was free plus she haven’t watched it 😀 haven’t decided whether to do a full-blown review like I did with Chronicle (one is so shit and one is so remarkable) but anw.

I tweeted a picture of our tickets and said we were going to leaving for Paris at 5.30pm, Departure Hall 6 hahahaha. A girl can dream :’D I don’t see how anyone could have fallen for it though, because they were obviously Cathay tickets but one person did!

Had lunch, went shopping at Far East Plaza, watched the movie, shopped some more and went home!  Ahhh can’t believe we bought so many things!!! Darilene bought enough for one whole outfit omg. She got everything from a top to shoes, a bag to accessories and she spent more than me HAHA. Only no bottoms!

Bag that I got at $25 😀 Darilene got another different one at the same store for the same price too!
Both sooooo nice and the quality is good too! Can’t wait to use it hehe 😀

“Wanna go home now?”
“Ok we just walk that way”
“Hey wait, let’s just go in and see”
“Ok! But see no touch!”
“Yes totally”

*leaves store with more shopping bags and lighter wallets*

Happens all the time and this was no exception lololol. But nvm, I regret nothing 😀
Got a set of bracelets and a black dress at Cotton On for $5 each! Plus some accessories from another store.

Our stuff yay!!!

It’s always so fun shopping with Darilene because she is as spontaneous and impulsive as me hahahaha, precisely why it’s always the two of us in the group who end up buying the most stuff 😀 very bad influences on each other hmmm. But oh well! If it makes you happy, why ever not, right? #lifemotto

Also, I just realised that the newly-bought heels I was talking about 2 entries ago, the original price was $49.90 and not $39.90 which makes me even happier ^^ still can’t believe the price dropped so much. Seriously can’t wait for the chance to wear them! This is so me:

Also went to her house last Monday to get my nails done!
Took the direct bus and it took so long to come, and there was a heavy storm which dwindled to a drizzle by the time we reached her house -_- Lol Darilene brought down this really BIG umbrella to shelter us both.

As you know, I have always wanted silver minx/metallic nails.
So when I saw these the other day, I bought them ($4.90)

But they are so troublesome and impossible to paste on ugh. Had to cut, trim and barf the shape and even then, they were so unstable after sticking on!! The nail glue was from Daiso… ahhh sadface. Tried twice, the second time pasting them just as tips but it was not flat and sticking out quite prominently. So yesss fail x2 🙁 feel so bad because it was Darilene doing all the work hehe.

So she did this design for me instead, which was based on this tutorial video. Only difference is that she used 4 shades of blue and no mountains. Which I thought was pretty apt and just in time for our upcoming Bintan trip next week. Bintan has beaches and no mountains 😉

Love it so much! Everytime she does my nails for me, I can’t stop admiring themmmm! ❤

By the time we were done, it was 6ish and her mom asked me to stay for dinner because she cooked extra. So nice of her 😀 the last design took so much less effort and time than the sutpid minx nails lololol.

If I were rich, I would hire Darilene as my personal stylist and she can do my nails, hair, makeup, clothes, everything for me muahaha. There are only 3 people I would turn to and ask if I look okay when wearing a new outfit or new matches because to me, they really have the actual fashion knowledge and judgement. Darilene is one 🙂

Thank you bb for everything 😀 ❤❤❤
(e.g. always using her nail polish)

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  • why would anyone buy those silly silver nails? THEY LOOK STUPID!!! You know now i think they are mirrors, don’t you have enough mirrors in your house? You you don’t need to put silly little ones of them on your fingers do you? If you do you must be pretty desperate to look at yourself!!!!!!!!!!! (so self-centred)


    from livy

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