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Film clinic with Michelle Chong

So on 18 Jan Michelle Chong came to our school to talk about her film (Already Famous). Only media students could attend and there were a lot of outsiders who wanted to listen in but couldn’t. Muahahaha!!!!

Still can’t believe that the annual film appreciation clinic is over or that I was part of the team organising it {;_;} ok bullshit actually. Truth be told, Regine and Xinning did most the work so if you all enjoyed yourselves, thank them and Gims who helped us contact Michelle Chong. And Ms Soo for… being Ms Soo.

I was so flustered that day for whatever reason -_- When we went to the venue to prepare, first thing we got was to face Ms Soo’s wrath. And then I collected the feedback forms and so many people complained about things that were beyond control. Actually I feel like people enjoyed the Marty Bowen & Boo Jun Feng film clinics better… Both had bigger venue and food lol. But one thing everyone seemed to like was our guest :>

Anyway, there were like 2 crazy feedback forms.

Q: Why did you not enjoy the film clinic?
A: The feeling is mutual. / Seriously?

Q: What learning points have you gained?
A: There are none.

Q: What improvements can be made?
A: Get someone with actual experience, and don’t rely on Mr Chong to get you Michelle. /
Listen to Nigel. Could have gotten someone better.

I think the funniest part for me was Brandon, our emcee. Usually he speaks super well, script or no script, but that day he was so nervous. Like he said “good evening” even though it was 3pm hahahaha. And one person wrote in the feedback form that the pauses our emcee had were kinda awkward. Sooo weird seeing Brandon like that!!! Ms Soo said he was “starstruck” 😀 (no I am not laughing at him, haters to the left)

She’s really engaging and funny and down-to-earth and everyone seemed to love her.
And prettier in the flesh than on screen too!!

Qiya and Gerry in charge of registration 😀

I wanted to be extra and rush in to take with them too but it seemed rude so I didn’t.
Darilene said she looks very happy here and I have to agree hahaha 😀

Credits to Vanessa aka photographer of the day for all the photos! And a really huge thank you to Brandon for being the emcee, Qiya and Geraldine for manning the registration booth! So nice of everyone to readily agree to help us without getting anything in return ;v; And those of you who told me that you enjoyed the film clinic and/or it was well done. Really means a lot :’) and of course the lecturers and my team because w/o them = no film clinic. I really did minimal in comparison :X

This is starting to sound like the Speech Of The Year we all heard last Thursday lololol except that I am saying I did nothing much instead of everything hahahahaha.

Speaking of film, I have a new project of sorts!

The idea is to watch 365 films in 2012 (A lot of people on Tumblr are doing it too) even though I haven’t been watching a film per day because of school. Still, it’s nice keeping track of what I’m watching and it’s also kinda like a recommendation list for those interested. Wish someone had thought of this sooner!! But nvm, I can always rewatch the old films 😀

Also, I never talked much about the Delena fanfic I wrote. In fact, it’s like the one and only thing I have ever wrote. As in actual writing. Not essays or blogging or reports or articles. I tried to keep it short because it was meant to be a oneshot on Tumblr and no where else. Not entirely happy with it because it seems rushed and like a whole speech from just Elena’s perspective. All justification and no build up. My prize was just a simple banner which I’ve put up on my TVD blog, btw. Seems like I got quite a few votes but I only know where 3 came from. So thanks if you voted and also if you read and liked it

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