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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

It’s the little things

Had my laptop with me and was insanely bored so I just had to disturb Dian 😀 read from bottom!

Her typo was priceless because she just happens to be one of the biggest potterheads I know hahahaha.

Average day, really. But the highlight was how we had 4 different classes (IP, PMM, French, MMR) today/yesterday and in all 4 I couldn’t stop laughing with Dian omg. Think our lifespans have been extended quite a bit since laughing is supposed to be healthy, no?

  • IP – kept shooting each other meaningful looks while trying to suppress our laughter
  • PMM – discussing Fangbook aka the Mystic Falls version of Facebook with the girls
  • MMR – above tweet war
  • French was because –

We were practising the roleplay and doing fine then we started laughing over other stuff. As in we would practice once then chit chat then practice again etc right? When we tried to practice again after that, everytime we got to the middle, both of us would start giggling which would explode into full blown laughter. For no reason at all, other than the fact that laughing is contagious!

We didn’t even remember what was so funny. But every single time after that when we practiced and reached the middle, we started laughing and shrieking uncontrollably. It’s like the middle sentence was the trigger or something. Oh god… this went on for like at least 10 minutes before we managed to calm down. But it was really nice… even if we were LOLing over nothing. Both laughing and hearing people laugh!

Oh and Fangbook is honestly made of win. You won’t get it if you don’t watch the series (TVD) though. Sigh where do people get their sense of humour from!!! Yesterday, Lerms and Gerry were feeling quite down and I happened to be checking Fangbook for new updates so I tweeted them the link and they loved it!!! And said they felt a lot more cheered up and I was soo happy that I managed to distract them, y’know? :’)

Also so far I have managed a

  • C for French
  • C for IP
  • C for MMR
  • F for Business Law

Didn’t get back anything for the other modules.
Gee, happy new year to me -_- Exam timetable is not really helping:

Firstly, 5 days in a row. Secondly, the dates are sooo near! Thirdly, I’m not even officially done with all the ICAs yet! And obviously I haven’t started studying. Really happy new year omg -_- Most scared for Business Law argh plus one of Year 3s retaking the module with our class said the exam is super hard which is why there are so many people retaking !@#$%^%

Well anyway. Don’t think anything very significant happened today. Unless you count

  • Gims waving at me on my way to class in the morning
  • Sally waving at us on the way home
  • John Ho being John Ho during our break

I just find it unusual when certain lecturers (e.g. Sally because she’s still quite new to us) remember faces but then again it’s a pretty dumb assumption. Got to give them more credit. Especially John Ho because even though he likes to annoy my table during tutorials, he’s one of the more caring lecturers who really want you to do well. Speaking of which I kinda miss Miss Ang because we haven’t had her all semester and she was of the nicest 🙁

Dian/Darilene/Me lurking by Splash & Decker and a wild John Ho appears and small talk occurs:

Me: I want ice cream. But there isn’t the flavour I want.
JH: *says something in response*
Me: South canteen have but too far.
JH: *says something in response and about us still being in school*
Darilene: Revision lecture from 5pm till 7pm
JH: So late? No wonder you all are still in school.
[he starts walking off and I pause, contemplating what he just said]

He starts laughing which means that it means something D:<
Though it’s true. The girls and I tend to scoot out of class before everyone else the moment we are given the green light. Muahahaha.

This post is obviously than I meant for it to be because I planned to only blog about my laughing fiasco with Dian but oh well. On a high after finishing Marketing and tomorrow’s the presentation. Hehehe I did the powerpoints for BMMP and IMC (website too) and I feel quite proud of them 😀 that rewarding feeling is wonderful.

Last ICA tomorrow!! Everyone’s been working hard because it’s the last week of school before exams 🙂 Feel weird saying this but I think I will really miss my schooling days (no matter what level) when I graduate for real. Yes, everything. Even now. All the serious stuff like rushing to complete work and studying, to nonsense like doing everything but paying attention in class, slow days like the above where we laugh, cry, kick, scream, whine, rage, and of course precious memories such as those spent with the girls. Everything.

I blame the time for making me feel so nostalgic so I take it as my cue to go.
Goodnight imperfect but beautiful world 🙂 #noTVDtmr #boohoo

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