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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Life happens

Looking through my photobucket album and I found these photos with Ling Yue from Christmas last year?!?! Hmmm isn’t that like my blog’s birthday?? And my dad’s! Can’t really remember what happened but I just felt like posting these photos. Way overdue plus I miss her very much 🙁 The last time I saw her was this!! And before this time, it was when we got back our Olevel results. SO LONG.

We used her camera and all the photos turned out super bright!

We didn’t do much actually because it was kinda impromptu if I remember correctly?
Walked around, then I met her mom who said my Chinese standard dropped already (me creys), ate sushi, and watched Tangled 😀

My watermark phase -_- actually I re-edited the whole batch of photos again, and a few of the old ones actually looked better but I can’t remember the settings used.

Above and below = same photo
Did my “skills” improve?!?!?!

Can’t believe I actually look decent in these photos. Face isn’t like a ball, hair looks obedient (waaaaa think I’ve dyed my hair twice since then… why did I do it) and NO EYEBAGS!!! Even before editing, no trace of dark eye circles at all!!! Wtf happened in 2011 🙁

Sigh it’s amazing how you live each day and nothing seems to change but when you look back, everything’s totally different. We used to be crazy close but now we have drifted so far apart the gap seems almost impossible to fix. What happened? Life happened.

If I had to pick the craziest friend I had, it would be her. At the same time, she was also like a mother figure to me – always looking out for me and giving very wise advice. If I had a problem, she would know what to do. If I got into trouble, I can definitely count on her to bail me out of the mess. She’s also the best person to camwhore with because she is worse than me hahahahaha.

And we had shared so many memories together that I never had with anyone else. Like showering together (twice) during camps because all the other cubicles/bathrooms were taken! And there was once, I don’t remember why but I had to change clothes and I did it right under her block at the void deck while she kept a lookout for me HAHAHA wtf?!

Bad illustration. You know there’s this structure at every void deck where there’s a pipe inside… then it slopes up? And it’s all walls on 3 sides? Yeah I was changing in there muahahaha.

We used to go to the playground quite often during lower sec to kill time and once I wrote stuff on all the swings/seesaws/etc with marker. You You was there too. I can still remember what I wrote wtf so embarrassing what was I thinking?! Another time the three of us were creeping about in camp instead of sleeping. Ling Yue started climbing the room wall in the dark to see what the noise outside was and then she couldn’t get back down HAHAHA. And the list goes on…

Miss both YY and LY so much 🙁 !!!
No one can ever take their place in my heart.
Really hope that one day it will be the 3 of us together again…

We’ve had our fair share of disagreements and falling out but ultimately, she was always there for me, (more than I’ve been there for her, come to think of it) and no matter how much we drift apart, she will always be a very special friend to me!

Sigh really a lot of memories… We even had this joint diary (in Sec 1) that we took turns writing in. I still have it you know… and sometimes I just feel so happy yet sad while browsing through it. It was shared among 4 of us actually – You You, Ling Yue, Chrystal and me! A lot can really happen in one year even though it seems like nothing. Last proper entry was dated 29/9/2006! But LingYue wrote in it again in April 2008 and that was really the end of updates 🙁

“Still wondering… what caused us to grow apart? Ok sounds like I just broke up with a girlfriend… but then… we were as close as lovers!” (Her writing about me)

Found this photo of 3 of us taken when we were in Sec 4 –
(I’m on the right)

Can tell it was a Thursday – had to put on ties for assembly!!!
Also it was a very good and happy day. Week, actually… I think.
I bought the stuffed roses! Pink for YY, purple for LY and mine was black 😀
Wonder when we will get to take a picture together again…?

Anyway, Tangled was really goood!!! 😀 my second favourite disney film after Beauty and The Beast.
Then again, I haven’t watched a lot of Disney films…

Anyway, I left right after the movie because I had other plans with my parents. They came to fetch me from Northpoint and then we went AMK to eat. I remember it was just the three of us and they bought me a lot of food… got spaghetti with pork chop, fried oyster omelette, tom yum soup and I forgot what else O_O went to Jamie’s house after that and there was even more food… like turkey! Okay then I really can’t remember what else happened already. But not bad, I recalled so much even though it’s been nearly a year muahahaha.

Will be at the Harajuku Street Style Launch Party with other bloggers tomorrow night, 6.30pm at Stylespace on 4, Tangs Orchard, Level 4! There will be a 10% on all items only tomorrow.
Do come say hello if you see me ok!! 🙂

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