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Reveal The Steel

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Went for Real Steel’s premiere recently and it was real good!! Everyone should go catch it once it’s officially out in theatres 😀 will blog about it in a separate entry. This post is mainly about a game on Real Steel SG’s fanpage and there are many attractive prizes to be won!!

1. Go to the fanpage
2. Go to the “Reveal the Steel Missions” tab
3. Login with your Facebook account and start playing!

There are 8 missions in total to complete and each one gives you a different amount of points. The more points you accumulate, the higher your rank will be on the leaderboard, and the greater your chances of winning! 😀

Let me bring you all on a tour of my experience playing the game…

The first mission was a question and I found the answer only after more than 30 minutes of Google 🙁
Was the mission challenging or am I stupid?

Second mission was more trivia about robot boxing. But it was pretty interesting because I found all my answers on a certain interactive website (hint!!) and learnt a lot of cool facts 🙂

Third mission – finding Atom aka the star in the film on the map!

This was quite simple, just that it requires patience 🙂

Mission 4 and also my favourite 😀

So anyway, I completed 6 out of 8 missions!
The two that I left out carries the most points but they require more than just sitting in front of my laptop 😛 And you know something!! Mission 9 led me into a Japanese website and I used Google Translate to help me find the answer HAHA. (hint!!)

This is Mission 6 which I left out. Remember to look for the codes if you guys are passing by the 3 locations listed above!! Just telling you guys in advance 😀 because I passed by Cineleisure today and forgot {;_;}

#8 on the leaderboard!! 🙂
Quick go play and overtake me!!! LOL

Anyway, the games have varying levels of difficulty and at the same time gives you very good insight about robot boxing so I think it’s worth participating!! Personally, I loved the film and recommend it to everyone.

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