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If I were a movie critic…

Watched a fair share (more than my average) of movies in theatres the past month and most were disappointing! From the earliest to latest…

  • Final Destination 5
  • Cars 2
  • Crazy Stupid Love
  • Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
  • Contagion
  • Johnny English Reborn
  • Fright Night
  • Abduction

Final Destination 5 (8/10)

  • I like everything except that some parts weren’t realistic
  • This film was a little bit different from the others
  • Like you could kill someone and get his remaining lifespan
  • And the sequence was deaths wasn’t according to your seats this time
  • Plus points for referencing the first film!!
  • Love how the film actually turned out to be a prequel to the first

Cars 2 (6.5/10)

  • Love all the fighting and theme of friendship
  • But animated films, especially those of non-human beings, just aren’t my cup of tea
  • I’ve never watched Toy Story / Up / Ice Age / Happy Feet / Despicable Me /etc

Crazy Stupid Love (10/10)

  • Blogged about it here already
  • But I forgot to mention one of the best parts! They made fun of Twilight 😀
  • “I really went to see the new Twilight movie by myself. And it was SO bad.”
  • There is not a single thing about this movie that I didn’t like

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (1/10)

  • Not funny, not scary, not thrilling or exciting, not creative, not intense
  • Stupid ugly critters aren’t frightening at all wtf
  • Dry storyline and uninteresting characters
  • Ending was predictable
  • 1 point because I like the themes plus the little girl is very cute

Contagion (0/10)

  • Wow if I thought the above was bad, this is horrible
  • I was thinking of something like zombies?
  • Fucking boring storyline with fucking boring characters
  • It’s like a typical documentary you watch on Discovery Channel
  • Except that I go to theatres to be entertained, tickled or frightened
  • Not see realistic happenings of an epidemic e.g. panic, evacuation, etc
  • Guess it was nice how they showed “Day 1” at the end of the film though
  • In the end they found a vaccination anyway so what is your climax????
  • There is not a single thing about this movie that I like

Jonny English Reborn (7.5/10)

  • Just like any other action movie with a lot of humour
  • Nice and very funny but way overrated
  • Quite predictable, no twists, no build-up of suspense
  • Maybe to other people there is but I certainly wasn’t surprised by any scenes/moments

Fright Night (8/10)

  • Starts off with a high school setting and I LOVE high school settings
  • Funny parts, intense parts, suspenseful parts, jumpy parts, cute parts
  • Love how the vampires are quite traditional e.g. don’t sparkle, scared of holy water, etc
  • Best thing is they had to be invited in just like TVD vamps!!!!
  • Characters were well-developed and likeable
  • Final scene and ending was good

Abduction (6.5/10)

  • Taylor Lautner is buff but not good-looking at all so I really don’t see the fascination
  • Prefer older guys with stubble like Ryan Gosling/Reynolds and Ian Somerhalder wawawa
  • Movie was okay-ish but ending was lame
  • The plot was quite weak though
  • Scene whereby the foster parents died saving him really got to me
  • But they didn’t explore the emotions deep enough and Lautner didn’t even seem that upset

I guess it is hard to fit realistic, well-developed characters + strong, creative storyline + variety of funny / intense / suspenseful / etc scenes into a 100-minute or so movie but still… Really not much good movies out lately. Plus my judgement is probably quite biased because my favourite genre is horror/thriller. Out of all 8 movies, I paid for 3 and Contagion was one of them, and also the most expensive and also the most awful. Fmlfml.

Also I just realised that I didn’t watch most of my favourite films in theatres!!! 🙁 usually all DVD or online. House Of Wax, A Perfect Gateaway, A Walk To Remember, etc. Gah do you even know how stunning the setting of A Perfect Gateaway is?! Honolulu! There was the sea, mountains, skies of various shades and even rainbows! Imagine if I had watched it in theatres on the bigass screen!! And it is actually a thriller 😀

Well anyway, got invites to watch Real Steel tomorrow so, hope it’s good!!!

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