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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Wake me up when I care

Results out tomorrow?

Can just imagine what will happen when I wake up tomorrow.

  • In bed reading tweets on my phone while still half-conscious
  • Snooze a bit more but can’t sleep soundly already
  • Because everyone will be tweeting about results
  • And my heart will be damn unsettled
  • Until bth then I’ll on the laptop to check my results
  • I’m guessing it will be very average like always, with at least one stupid C
  • Probably multicam hahahaha
  • I will get over it in 5 minutes and go back to sleep

Good luck everyone!!!
And ok I care but just a small margin. Sleep is more important and anw, what’s done is done, no?!

Some random photos to keep my blog alive… from few months ago, I reckon.

Obviously they are a lot cuter in real life!!! These photos do them no justice.

Oh and actually I secretly enjoy it when my bro carries them to my bed to rouse me from sleep 😀 like putting them under my nose LOL. Once he placed one of them on my leg and I didn’t know it was my guinea pig. I could feel the sharp nails but I thought it was my brother’s hand. Went to sort of swat it away and turs out I punched my guinea pig wtf :'( Feel so guilty!!! Luckily she wasn’t hurt or anything. She just flew a few centimetres back onto the mattress I think.

Was having this debate with bro the other day about which guinea pig it was I punched –

Bro: “It’s Kiki!”
Me: “It’s Mimi!”
Bro: “I carried her so of course I would know”
Me: “I punched her so of course I would know”

Me and the “love” necklace I shoplifted from Orchard Ion months ago muahahaha. Not going describe the process or mention which shop because I know 95% of you are judgy people like Bonnie Bennett. No I do not feel guilty so do not bother lecturing me. Actually I feel that it’s justified because I spend so much buying things all the time anyway lololol. Plus the shop already earns so much, what’s one little necklace? And it’s not like I do it all the time? Actually I don’t know why I did it…. it wasn’t super expensive but it definitely was overpriced/not worth its price. Showed my mom the necklace when I got home and told her what I did and she didn’t scold me sooo.. yep 🙂 #cheapthrill

Hmm can feel all the criticism already but I don’t really care when it comes to things like these!
Which leads us back to the first GIF and title – WAKE ME UP WHEN I CARE.

P/S: This whole entry, from start to end, makes me look like a animal-abusing delinquent -_-

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