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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

My life is worse than a dog’s

First time a picture of me looks better unedited, wheee 🙂
Then again, it’s webcam and not HQ enough to capture my flaws.
This is what I feel like doing everyday – nothing but lie on my bed.

Sigh I used to think I have not much of a life, spending so much time slacking but at least then I was productive in my own way. A way that I revelled in and drew pleasure from. Be it watching shows over and over again, sleeping, daydreaming, fooling around. But now school is eating away at me slowly, taking over my life, draining me mentally and physically and emotionally. Don’t even have the time/mood to do all the above mentioned things. This is truly the worst form of having no life! And it’s not like I’m being very productive schoolwork-wise anyway?

I think my life now is worse than a dog’s {;_;} Also starting to ask myself – why am I torturing myself by spending time on things I’m not even interested in? Endless ICAs, reports, presentations, blah. Add dealing with shit from people into the equation. Oh and begging people to do your surveys and be your talents. I swear out of so many modules, none has genuinely captured my interest. Don’t even know or understand what I’m doing… seriously. But I’m not one to quit halfway either so…

 Urgh can’t believe that I just got done with ICAs for 3 modules, all of which are theory-based (exams in few weeks… zzz) and now I have to deal with the non-theory ones! Multicam, Entrepreunership and Journalistic Writing. Fuckkkkkkk my work is like never done!!! WHY!!!! Even when school ends for semester break, there are still exams!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKER.

This is not the life I want.
I’m only a teenager, I should be out there having the time of my life because I’m at the peak of my youth. Instead I’m stressing about schoolwork everyday like some bloody nerd without any real purpose in life. And for what? A stupid diploma that doesn’t even guarantee anything.

I wish I could say that I’m kidding but right now not really… lol
Ya whatever say/think what you want. Can’t be fucked anymore.
45k people on Tumblr feel the same way okay?!
I hope no one with blood relations to me is reading this.

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