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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

You are what you think?

Positive thoughts

Very apt for what I’m feeling right now but I’m not very convinced. All I’ve been doing is to complain incessantly and to complain incessantly is the only thing I feel like doing. Sorry to be a pain and a downer on everybody’s moods but I’m not in the mood to be happy. Whatever that means.

Just noticed the “You become what you think” at the top of the picture… Oh. Not very comforting considering that all I feel like is a worthless loser nowadays. I am starting to think that this is more than just a passing feeling, but rather a phase. Don’t even feel very happy when I think about completing all my work.

I don’t even have the mood to do anything maybe except eating and sleeping -_- don’t feel like watching shows, reading books, playing games, anything. Just wanna continue daydreaming and wasting away. Feel like my life has no meaning and I’m losing direction :< Nothing excites me anymore.

All I think about when I wake up is schoolwork, all I can think about before sleeping is schoolwork, every waking moment I spend thinking about schoolwork. It nags at me, eats away at me, takes over my life – and for what? A stupid diploma that isn’t even going to guarantee me anything?

Yesterday was like the first time in Year 2 that I did work till 2.30am zzz Haven’t stayed up for school in a long time. Think I’ll have to start doing it again -.- Won’t even be over-ambitious and hope that each day will be a happy day anymore. I’ll be content just for nothing to upset me. Maybe I am tired of being strong all the time.

K baiiii time to start work -_______-
Should tag all my small-font poasts as The Great Depression.

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