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Getting your Tumblr sidebar back

Reposting from my Tumblr.

I love the new sleek look of Tumblr but hate how I have to go onto a separate page to view my tumblelog’s info. Annoying!! So here’s a way to get your sidebar back AND keep the sleek look! 😀

  • Install Greasemonkey [Firefox] [Not needed for Chrome]
  • Install this user script [Firefox] [Chrome]

And viola!

Hope this helps! It worked for me hence I’m sharing it with you guys, no strings attached. Can’t believe people can even exploit this issue of the sidebar to get publicity for their blogs -_- Really don’t know who is more stupid – the exploiters or those being exploited.

Oh as for IE users…

  • Switch browsers

No really. Especially since my blog is not compatible with IE for some unknown reason {;_;}
You have to use Compatability View.

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