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How to earn loads of money in GTA

I would include a Viewer Discretion for the violent screenshots but eh… there are worse things in life.

I love Grand Theft Auto and believe it or not, my favourite version is the very first one which I used to play on my PlayStation 1 -_- Despite its horrible 2D graphics, simplicity and more, I still find it a lot more fun than the newer ones!

I now play it on my computer whenever I feel like relieving some stress through virtual violence. Here are some cheats (I’m not talking about keyboard shortcuts either) that nobody really talks about. Note that it applies only to the original GTA (if anyone still plays it lol)

grand theft auto 1

How to earn obscene amounts of money while:

– Not doing any missions
– Not getting the pesky police on your asses
– Remaining in Liberty City where you started at
– Remaining in the Central Park neighbourhood even
– While still having fun and thrills

1. Lead the monks into railway tracks

gta 1 monks

You would probably have noticed a lot of these orange people walking in one line at the North/South/Central Park areas. They are actually Hare Krishna monks. The nearer you are to them, the louder a chanting music can be heard. Seek them out.

Run into them for a bit, particularly the leader, until they follow your lead and you can bring them wherever you want. Run into the railway tracks at the Park so that they get electrocuted 😀

gta 1 kill monks

Be very careful and don’t run in too deep or you’ll end up dead yourself. Once you reach the spot where I have marked ‘X‘, turn back onto the pavement. The monks won’t follow as they are soon reduced into nothing but piles of bones as seen above.

Killing the whole group all at once earns you an obscene amount of money ($64,000 per group?) and this is one way. You remain police-free as technically you didn’t kill them by your own hand but through their sheer stupidity. Another group will soon come by so you can just keep doing it. They are dumb.

gta death

Note that they get easily scared off by honking and guns so never use your them when they are in your lead and avoid crossing roads. Once they get scared, they’ll split up and run off in different directions. Not finishing the whole group at once is simply POINTLESS ($100 per person).

Others ways of killing them in bulk include running them over with a car and shooting them with a machine gun. However, they are not my preferred methods as they won’t work 100% if your aim sucks. That and you get 4 police heads immediately if you succeed.

gta Hare Krishna monks

Ran them over after making sure they were in a straight line along the pavement but got max police on your trail immediately. Because this is outright murder and not trickery hahahaha.

2. Scare train commuters back onto the tracks

gta train

Again, make use of the tracks to electrocute people so that you don’t have actually have blood on your hands. I like firing a gun just after they alight. However, don’t shoot them but just in their direction. They’ll panic and try running in the opposite direction i.e. back onto the tracks.

3. Do the same thing to scare passers-by

gta chasing people

In fact, you don’t even need a gun. Just get into your car and pretend you want to run over people on that pavement but not actually do so. Again, they will stupidly flee and end up on the tracks. Accidental death is not murder, let alone have anything to do with you 😀

So far, these 3 methods of electrocution all earn you more than simply running people over or shooting them yourselves. And you remain police-free too. Moving on to the less harmless methods.

4. Run policemen over using someone else’s car

gta kill police

Sometimes, you have one or two policemen on your trail. Nothing too serious and you don’t want to make things worse. Or you just don’t want to get out of your car and risk being caught by them on foot.

When the cops get down their vehicles (from the left) and run towards you in your car (or are about to), bang into their cars from the right. They will get run over by their own cars and it won’t get pinned as your fault. But being exempted from responsibility is just one reason.

That’s one way I like to kill the cops when they try to corner me without having to get too close to them. They also like to shoot at your car, making it more prone to exploding, so the cop car would act as a good shield against their bullets.

You can use another’s person car as well, it doesn’t always have to be the cops’ as seen in the above screenshot. Note that this doesn’t remove any police (regardless of number of heads) that’s already trail though. But it’s still fun.

5. Kill frenzy

gta 1 kill frenzy

Sometimes you open crates with machine guns that trigger a Kill Frenzy mission. Meaning you have to get a certain amount of points in that few precious seconds to succeed.

Don’t hesitate. Aim at the busy street. Shoot everywhere. Blow cars up (fast and easy).

Because if you succeed, any police heads you incur before AND during the frenzy will be erased. But if you don’t, whatever little damage you have incurred during the frenzy will be on you, like it or not.

6. Go on a massacre

gta killing

If you are in a devil-may-care mood and just wanna kill people in cold blood, just go on a massacre. Run them over, use your firearms, get creative. It’s an awesome stress reliever as well. I love practicing my aim and I’ve become a pretty good shot, if I do say so myself.

Some things I do to evade capture during a massacre:

– Keep off the roads because it makes you easy to spot and accessible
– Hide in the park areas like above where there are no cars (except yours) and people are aplenty
– Leave a few bullets from your machine gun (if applicable) in case you need to shoot cops
– Keep a vehicle near you in case you need to make a quick getaway
– Block one or two exits with said car to prevent people escaping / cops entering (see below pic)

gta 1 cheats tips

Other little tips:

– Selling hijacked cars at the docks is a good source of income (but doing it too often attracts the cops)
– Running over a normal pedestrian is $100, but running over a driver whose car you hijacked is $700
– Crates, usually pistols, are mostly found near hospitals and police stations
– Killing cops earn you more money, even more so if you shoot them instead of using a car

gta 1 massacre

Got busted by one policeman due to my slow reflexes lololol.

I think that’s pretty much it. This is one of the most memorable games from my childhood, so much so that I have it installed on my laptop. Other old-school favourites include Theme Hospital (installed this too) and Harvest Moon (used to be obsessed with it).

I really think it’s easier to get attached to things when you’re young. There are a lot of trashy stuff that I read and watched last time but will never given low ratings even now. At the same time, there’s a lot of good shit now that I remain unimpressed by due to an increase in cynicism, standards and experience.

Have fun! Download here:

gta 1 explosion

Getting your Tumblr sidebar back

Reposting from my Tumblr.

I love the new sleek look of Tumblr but hate how I have to go onto a separate page to view my tumblelog’s info. Annoying!! So here’s a way to get your sidebar back AND keep the sleek look! 😀

  • Install Greasemonkey [Firefox] [Not needed for Chrome]
  • Install this user script [Firefox] [Chrome]

And viola!

Hope this helps! It worked for me hence I’m sharing it with you guys, no strings attached. Can’t believe people can even exploit this issue of the sidebar to get publicity for their blogs -_- Really don’t know who is more stupid – the exploiters or those being exploited.

Oh as for IE users…

  • Switch browsers

No really. Especially since my blog is not compatible with IE for some unknown reason {;_;}
You have to use Compatability View.