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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Today I don’t feel like doing anything

I feel that the other Bruno Mars songs are all nicer than The Lazy Song but it is seriously the most relevant. The first two sentences already describes how I feel everyday. Was telling the girls how I wish I can sing it everyone on replay so that people won’t ask me stay back for group work etc LOL

Some pictures from school on Tuesday!

This magazine page consists of nearly all our favourites ^^ GUESS WHICH IS MINE? 😀
The missing corner is Stupid Pattinson tho, and I was using my fingers to piak his face profusely.

Wearing this top for the very first time.
I love black and white stripesssss!!!

Got group photos actually but we look quite unflattering LOL

Seriously think the photo would look better if my fringe was shorter 🙁

I can honestly tell you that I still don’t know which side and angle I look better on.

Matching shoes!!! ❤
Buy quite long already but first time wearing too!!

Photos have 3 stages to me.
On the camera display, uploaded onto Facebook, and posted on my blog.
They all look different even if they are the same photo and I haven’t edited anything?!
Why oh why can’t they always look nice all the time.

Supposed to be getting a headstart for my test on Wednesday but… back to the title.

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