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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

School in one GIF

All the boring lessons I have to go endure

All the tests and exams I have to study for

middle finger meme

All the longass reports I have to do

middle finger meme

All the nasty people I have to do projects with

middle finger meme

All the time it takes up

middle finger meme

Yup, school is awesome!

middle finger meme

A post that I created on Tumblr not too long ago and am sharing here now. I tweeted the link before.
Mainly for laughs because such “GIF stories” are very popular on Tumblr so can’t help it if you have no sense of humour and get all offended.

I always wonder why some people like to read so much into the things I write on here and Twitter. For example the above post where I said I hope people don’t ask me stay back for group work. There are bound to be jokers who have to twist one simple remark like that into stuff like how I always don’t do work or even more ridiculous, how I hate my group members.

Not my fault if you are stupid and misinterpreted my words, but don’t show how stupid you are by twisting it into something else. Who enjoys doing school work at all you tell me? I don’t like group meetings (why would you like coming to school early when you can sleep in? Why would you like staying in school when you can go home watch TV?) but I always make an effort to be present, no? And I always do the work that is assigned to me to the best of my ability.

So calm yo tits and stop trying to read so much into everything.
When I tell you to read between the lines then you read okay? Like now 🙂

Hmmm why are we rarely allowed to work in groups with our own friends? When it is obviously better with more good points than working with other people? Other than the fact that when we go to work in the industry, we don’t get to choose who we work with so we have to get used to it now?

If we were allowed to choose our own groupmates, there would be less drama in class. Everyone would be happier and get things done faster too. I wonder if the lecturers can tell who and who don’t get along, stuff like that. HAHA.

I had fun at the museum (which was for schoolwork) with my friends.
I also had fun while doing PR with Darilene. Even though it made us want to tear our hair out at first because it was so confusing, we actually managed to finish everything on Wednesday afternoon, hence no need come school the next day.

Lastly if any parts of this post displeases or offends you…

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