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Think Positive

After the stupid poast of complaints previously, this one shall be a complete opposite 😀
Balance is always good. And I’m back to my normal self. As normal as I can be anyway.

Actually come to think of it, life’s been kind to me. Very kind in fact.
Like a lot of things turned out to be a blessing in disguise, and I am so grateful for all how everything just works itself out in the end. Like don’t you just love it when everything falls into place perfectly? I do.

Take the ICAs for instance.

Entrepreneurship – my group assigned roles by drawing lots.  Of all things, I got CEO and at first I was like wtf noooo. Because I am totally not leader material, especially not in business.

Then I realised that all isn’t that bad. At least I didn’t get Finance which I feel is the hardest role, especially when you have to wait for everyone else in the group to pass you their info. Hariz volunteered for Finance ‘cos he likes Accounting etc and I’m glad for that too. Rather than have the role go to someone who hates Finance, it’s nice to let someone who actually wants to do it and knows what he’s doing, to do it right?

Plus he was awesome because he didn’t bug me for info at all. I just passed him a whole chunk of links I used and he said okay, he will go check them out and “explore” himself. Most people would probably complain about how I’m slow and shit in getting things done.

And this time I started my work quite early okayyy.
Trying to avoid rushing last minute. A little bit of work and a little bit of play :3
Gathered all the info I needed on Tuesday, properly typed out 900+ words on Wednesday, tied up loose ends and printed everything out on Thursday. I feel so accomplished! 🙂

Same goes for Multicam.
We drew lots to assign roles. Actually not quite because I went to the toilet when they drew lots and all that’s left was the cameraman. I was like FFFFFFF because that was the role I hated most! Standing up to work with equipment!

Okay not gonna deny that I’m a lazy ass and one of the reasons I’m not fond of Multicam is because we have to go all the way to the studio (where the entrance smells like hamster pee) and be on our feet, fiddling with strange equipment… not a couch potato’s cup of tea 🙁

Well anyway turns out the cameraman’s role is the least stressful of all :O
Rehearsal went ok-ish today even though we were very behind time XD Ms Soo said she could tell me were quite prepared because we have all the pictures we needed.

In my head I was, “Of course lah! Who else went out under the hot sun on a Public Holiday to take pictures?!” Mmmm planning is halfway to success XD

Well so I spent nearly all of the time in school today with my head buried in a book :3
The thing about me is that once I start a book, I CANNOT and DO NOT WANT to stop until I’m finished. Anw even when I reached home, first thing I did was to lie down on the bed to finish the book, didn’t even change clothes teehee.

Might talk more about the book (which is awesomeee) another time. The antagonist was sooo scary that I was quite freaked too. I think nowadays I must have either one of these items with me when I’m in school – headphones/storybook/laptop. Otherwise don’t think I can survive {;_;}

Quite contradicting. Wanna make more of an effort in school but want to tune out everyone including the lecturers. Don’t really aim for exceptionally brilliant grades, more like wanna just get everything over and done with.

Anyway am just glad to be able to see things from another perspective. Like instead of focusing on the bad things, why not think about the good parts? Not just school as mentioned above but everything.

Like how I’ve been wanting to buy the half-price frappe from Starbucks the entire week but the queue is so horrendous that I didn’t even bother. Hate waiting. Monday was quite empty but I didn’t have the mood for coffee {;_;}

Ohwell I might not be rich but I suppose I can still afford a Starbucks frappe at its normal price.
Good thing is I’ve had not had Starbucks the entire week! Yay save $$$ and also less calorie intake! HAHAHA.

Mmmm getting very long-winded. Damn lazy to edit photos and they mostly look horrible. Maybe next time. Off to read another book. Been making a point of going to the library regularly again just like I used to 😀 books are good. People should read more. Instead of acting like a high and mighty know-it-all *puke*

Especially the people on my Twitter timeline (entire new paragraph so no link to the puke part, tyvm). Sorry but more than half of you have atrocious grammar that I mentally correct by nature all the time. Not saying that my grammar is always perfect but… you get what I mean.

Have a naise weekend 8)

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