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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Sweet die you

Supposed to publish over the weekends but I didn’t have time 🙁
Anyway, loads of good treats to curb all our angstiness and the heat.

This is freaking worth it because their frappes always cost $6+ minimum!
I would get one every day till the promo ends if it weren’t for diabetes.
Happy hour? I always drink till I’m super happy and all my fatigue is forgotten 🙂
No need flash the coupon.

Never tried this before…

But everyone knows that all things chocolate and ice cream are good.
Remember to save the coupon and flash it 🙂

Have too much of these will make your teeth drop or not ah?
Unhealthy stuff is always sooo yummy and healthy stuff is always yucky.
Sigh le irony of life!

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