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Never Say Never

21 April 2011

Hiiii wanted to poast stuff from these 2 weeks of school but I got lazy! Because need combine many days together. But this one will be just as good anyway 😀

Went to watch Bieber’s movie at Cineleisure with Lockwood, Archie and Lerman! Huhuhu spent $9 on a propaganda movie of someone I don’t even like care about. Before any Beliebers start throwing insults at me for the wrong reasons…

Anyway, not that the movie wasn’t good just that I think it’s not worth it. For me lah, as a non-Belieber. Because it’s like a documentary only, no special effects or anything, also not that nice. Though it was quite good insight into his life and journey… but still it is propaganda 😛

How good the movie is – 7/10
How much I like it – 4/10

Maybe I’d have liked it more if they didn’t film the lunatics who climbed up the stage and shit. But nevermind because as I said before, what’s most important is the company! And I’m glad I got to spend time with my babies :3

Forgot to bring camera so we used Chin’s iPhone!
I like it because it made my face look slimmer hehehe 😀

I love the first and fourth pictures best!
Really love it when the photos come out and everyone’s smiling/grinning/laughing and you can feel the happy vibes and you can just tell that everyone’s having fun simply by just being together

Even tho sometimes I feel that I look really crappy that day, I’d still want to take at least one group photograph for remembrance so that not only will it be in our memories that we have done something special or gone somewhere special together, there is also solid proof and matter ^^ and it will be mad useful if I ever get amnesia or dementia…

K enough of being all (mock) deep and shit HAHA.
More to come soon!! XOXO

P/S: Never Say Never by The Fray > Bieber’s

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