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Day 9 – A scene you hate

I shall do 2 scenes!

162 Candles (1×08)

Damon staking Lexi.

Damon: It’s part of the plan.

I had really grown to love Lexi, despite her short on-screen time (one episode). Things happened so quickly in this scene, her being dragged out by the Sheriff’s deputies etc, such that I was shocked and dumbfounded. That such an awesome character was killed off so easily and so quickly.

Though I think Damon regrets killing her, from the conversation he had with Stefan in one of the more recent episode and the look in his eyes 🙁 And now the only way Lexi can come back is in flashbacks :’( I forgive Damon though. At least he is remorseful.

Lexi was such a lovely and ass-kicking character who was by Stefan’s side to help him when he needed it the most. I really like her style and her coolness. Seriously why did they kill her off so soon? Why don’t idiots like Jules and John Gilbert ever die? Instead of wonderful characters like Anna and Lexi?

Bad Moon Rising (2×03)

Delena conversation.

Damon: Road trips work well for us.

Elena: This doesn’t mean that things are back to the way they used to be, Damon.

Damon: Oh, come on. I know I chipped a little bit off of your wall of hatred.

Elena: I need to know the truth. When you broke Jeremy’s neck, Did you know that he was wearing the ring?

Damon: No. No, I didn’t. Katherine really pissed me off. And I snapped. And.. I got lucky with the ring. And I don’t know what I would have done if he wasn’t wearing it. Elena, I’m sorry.

Elena: Thank you for being honest with me. And the answer to your question about our friendship… Is yes. You have lost me forever.

Damon: You knew that already, didn’t you? You used me today.

Elena: You had information about Katherine that I needed to know.

Damon: I thought friends don’t manipulate friends. You and Katherine have a lot more in common than just your looks.

What really pissed me off was that Damon rendered her a lot of help in this episode, even going to the extent of shielding her from a wooden arrow that Vanessa shot. To protect Elena, he selflessly let himself get hurt instead. A scene that happened only few hours ago. Which may I add, WOOD HURTS VAMPIRES.

Bad Moon RisingBad Moon Rising


What the fuck is wrong with you. If it weren’t for him, you might have died, you idiot. Then you go on to hurt him by making use of him. Cut him some slack. You are always hurting him, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

He is sorry for snapping your brother’s neck and he is already trying his best to make up for it. Everyone makes mistakes. Jeremy wasn’t even hurt in the slightest. It’s understandable that you are pissed, but you could have just said something less harsh or cut a distinct line between the both of you, instead of leading him on, making use of him and hurting him.

You know what is one of the biggest differences between the 2 Salvatore brothers?
Damon is always honest.

Stefan didn’t come clean about his past until Elena found out. Not only that, he didn’t tell Elena about his loss of control and feeding on humans (Miss Mystic Falls). Damon had to fill her in on Stefan’s “extra curricular activities”, as he calls it.

Damon might not be the better man or perfect or whatever you want him to be, Elena. But he never has to hide what he does, cover up his actions, or even lie. I don’t wanna talk about how Stefan noticed or was attracted to you (and then proceeded to stalk you) only because you resembled Katherine. Whereas Damon… nevermind.

Only Delena shippers will understand.

And no. I don’t hate Stefan or Stelena.
I just love Damon more and ship Delena.

To be honest, sometimes I really feel that Damon is too good for Elena and she is the one that doesn’t deserve him. Or maybe that’s just me.

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