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It was only just KFC… and dragon meat.


Had it for dinner just now!

Sorry for the lack of updates because I haven’t finished taking pictures for events that took place in the past few days, nor edited them 🙁

Also I have been obsessed with REwatching a China drama (赤子乘龙/The Dragon Heroes) which aired locally in 2005 LOL hehehe. Yes I know what you are thinking but it’s one of the best china dramas I’ve ever watched! I quite enjoy shows of the 武侠 genre actually. War, fighting, and demons are so much more interesting than stupid family drama.

But Singaporeans complain at the slightest hint of controversy (which isn’t even graphic, just very violent at most) and that’s why our local productions getting shittier and boringer every year -_-

Okay I am going to mini-spazz for my own sake, you can leave now if you want.
It’s 44 episodes long and there are about 4 of our local Mediacorp artistes in the show too. Although 3 of them act as super annoying characters!!!

Female lead is super pretty.
She’s princess of the dragon clan and the 3 male leads all in love with her (cliche but still)

2 of the guys. Left one is dragon.
Some of you might recognise the one on the right. He became commander of the dragon-slaying army.

This guy is the crown prince (human) and they love each other but then dragons and humans are enemies. But the dragons are the good ones {;_;} I shipped them 6 years ago and I still ship them now!

Love their scenes together but everytime got extras. Pffftttt.

This scene is super funny and just screams AWKWARD lololol.
All 3 guys around with the girl present and she had to introduce them to one another.
Girl in orange was asking, “Eh you all haven’t start fighting?”

I love the crown prince best and I like the white dragon guy too but I CAN’T STAND CHRISTOPHER LEE’S CHARACTER oh gosh. He is super annoying and damn stupid and even fought the dragons urgh!!!!

Anyway the romances are just subplots and the focus is on the bad blood between humans and dragons. Fighting scenes are awesome and so are some of the other smaller subplots. Although middle sometimes a bit draggy.

Maybe I am wasting my time but rewatching old stuff is always preferable to watching new stuff in my book 😉

P/S: Please ignore navigation by tags and categories on this site, they are in a mess right now and it’s gonna take ages reorganising them 🙁 I am currently organising tags on my Tumblr first.

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