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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Shed A Tear

Can’t stop listening to this.
I love all of them especially my Ryan ❤❤❤

Finance test today was bleak even though I really tried my best and sort-of knew how to do, after Gerry/Muz/Mark taught me last week. Financial statements crap where you can’t even get one answer wrong otherwise everything else will be wrong too…

Sigh. Why am I so dumb. Why am I not good at anything. Other than slacking, procrastinating and wasting time, what else do I know how to do? Huh huh huh? No talents to speak of, not academically brilliant, not filthy rich or drop dead gorgeous…

Look at this triangle I have drawn —


In life today, you must shine brighter than average in at least one of this areas to get somewhere.
If you can only pick one, which one would you choose?
Brains would be my last option, lol.

Having the urge to pig out especially on comfort foods like ice cream and chocolate. Right now I’m actually picking out all the chocolates with raisins inside from a whole bottle of assorted ones. Me like raisins 8)

Still f*cking sad over something…… school and other small stuffs are just what making me feel worse but not the main cause. The main cause is so much more important to me than school lah please.

When will this feeling pass?
When the stupid problem is gone.
And it doesn’t look short term /////////

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