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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

In A Perfect World

Chopsticks never disappear

Green lights all the way

No missing sock

No paper jams

Popcorn kernels pop

No loose stray threads

Weatherman always right

No popup ads

Clean sticker peel offs

Clean tear outs

Omelette never breaks

Milk for cereal

Favourite color

Driver remembers to signal

No allergies

Full bag of chips

No marker seep throughs

No unnecessary movie sequels

Available pen

Available power outlet

Immediate text response

Accepted wrinkled notes

Perfect grammar

Full toilet roll

Desired shoe size

Pencil lead does not break

Manageable necklace clasps

No menstruation

Completely erased marks

Battery full


They forgot to mention:

Nothing ever gets misplaced.
No lagging, viruses, crashes or hacks.
Useless crap (& people) like Math don’t exist.
Ex-couples can still go on to become friends.
The one whom you like always likes you back.
People don’t ever leave.
Wounds always heal.
Nothing hurts.

But if Life was perfect, it would have no purpose, no meaning, and wouldn’t be worth living.

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