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Happy Daze

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29 September

Darilene accompanied me to Clarke Quay because I wanted to buy Sticky candy as gifts for other people. Wanted a complete clique outing but the other 3 girls weren’t free 🙁

Btw I didn’t sleep at all the previous night and when Darry asked why, I said it was because I was too excited to meet her. She called me liar! </3 Heehee.

Walao when we were there, only a few flavours were available and there was such a crowd pffftt. So just bought a few packets.

rainbowloveee™They tasted better when someone else specially bought and gave them to me. Honest.


Had a late lunch and drank the tastiest milk tea ever, even better than Koi. And even more inaccessible too, 2 branches only {?} T_T

Went to town and shopped around. Aching feet but super happy with all my purchases 😀 life rocks! Shopping is definitely my favourite sport and the best therapy ^-^

rainbowloveee™Prettiest flats ever for only $10
Always had designs on one of these; silver color {} and a little ribbon or something at the front. Wish fulfilled!

rainbowloveee™I felt even more happy when I saw the receipt stating that the original price was actually $25 :O the feeling like I found a treasure you know!!!

rainbowloveee™Sorry, I silver siao.
I buying silver, black and bright pink things!!! 😀


Went to Kinokuniya and bought the Koizora/Sky Of Love novels too!


Years ago I watched Koizora in film and recently I just read more about it. It originally started out as a cellphone novel in Japan but there is also a manga and drama adaptation, apart from the movie. The manga unexpectedly turned out to be the most similar to the original!

I’m halfway through the manga. The translated scanlations are uploaded online halfway only T^T think it’ll be years before the next chapter is up siah, no kidding.

The time gap between all the chapters all super big. At least months, if not years. Reading another manga halfway then also like that! CLIFFHANGERS AH :@ Can only wait, I guess… Huhuhu.

3 October

Went to AMK with family because wanted to go COURTS and get my brother’s iPod Touch as his birthday present. I chipped in $100 for it okay!!! I think I am such a nice sister lor *bhb* ^-^

We make it a point to go out together as a family and pig out every now and then as you can see from some old poasts.

rainbowloveee™Saw a rainbow wig in some shop.




We finished taking the photos liao then the salesgirl come up and say no photography allowed. HAHAHA

Then bro and I went to buy ice cream at McCafe…

Bro: I want chocolate sundae. You?
Me: Uhm… *ponders for loooong time* Ahhhh!
Bro: McFlurry right?

I love people who understand me.
Oreo is love love loveeee

Anw when my order came, I shrieked in glee and went to grab it. The counter gave me A Look -_- What??? Teenagers cannot be happy over ice cream is it? Then she go pass my brother some tissue and he say must be for me because I resemble childish baby.

Mom went to buy a pair of earrings at Taka Jewellery and the salesperson showed us several pendants {?} which you can only get with purchase for purchase {?} and at special price somemore.

Anw like super rare opportunity so I bought one myself!!!



It’s quite small actually, a key in a heart.
Made of white gold and got a teeny weeny bit of diamond.
$99 and I paid for it myself!

Shall start wearing it on my birthday! ^-^

K anw sorry if this poast a bit wordy, just wanted to record down all the good times for myself :} btw dunno what’s with the stupid big gaps in between paragraphs today & I’m too lazy to find out so bye.

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